We stand for the possibility of a world where animals can exist without humans exploiting them for profit. We believe in the possibility of a rhinoceroses living a full life, without the need of an anti-poaching team. We believe in the possibility of a world where travel and knowledge are accessible and not mutually exclusive.

The origin of the name Nkonzo, says much about our outlook on the world; from the language Lingala, the word nkonzo means possibilities, and that is what we stand for.

At Nkonzo Wildlife, we focus on a three-part approach to making the world of wildlife, conservation, and travel a more accessible and unified place. Promoting a brighter tomorrow, we pursue to ‘Educate, Act and Empower’ each of the amazing travellers we meet to pick up the gauntlet and fight for our wildlife with their personal choices. Together, with each of us making a small difference, the next generation will love wildlife as much as we do.

Nkonzo Wildlife Research is now available as an online course.

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  • Wildlife Conservation– Through daily action and collaboration in projects, outreach and study, our team is working to make a difference in the sustainability of free-roaming wildlife. Though we are based in Mossel Bay, South Africa our sights are set on the global environment and not only the Fynbos.
  • Education– Education is not something that needs to be confined to a classroom. The world is a classroom and nature a wonderful teacher. Combining passionate conservationists, eager travellers, stunning wildlife, and an African sunset we use the African bush as a theatre to show what is at stake and how loving the planet is beautiful. Travellers learn about wildlife, flora, ecology, conservation, culture, and history while having the trip of a lifetime.
  • Action– At Nkonzo, travellers are not only observers, they are participants. They get their boots muddy tracking Cape Mountain Zebras through the ravines, feel the heat on their skin trailing giraffes, and document dozing rhinos in the crisp evening air. Conservation is about action and action is not reserved for those only with degrees in ecology or biology. Each of us can play a role in raving our wildlife.
  • Empowerment– After you have fallen in love with a quirky rhino that loves to sit like a puppy, a zebra with a floppy ear, or maybe the one-horned springbok; it is impossible to not feel the passion inside that comes with the African dust. There are so many ways for everyone to get involved we encourage and work to help each person find their passion and their avenue for making a difference.

Volunteer programme details

  • White Rhinoceros Social Behavior: Examine the social dynamics of white rhinoceroses, including territoriality and aggression, as well as home range preferences, mate guarding, and marking behaviours.
  • Cape Mountain Zebra Feeding Ecology in Fynbos: Explore the fynbos up close, as we hike in search of the local populations of Cape Mountain Zebra to document their herds and locations via individual photo IDs.
  • Avian Survey: Regular surveys are done to create a complete image of the local bird populations utilizing the various habitats available to them.
  • Dangerous Game Training: Conservation isn’t all about research. Learn about approaching wildlife safely, survival basics, navigation, tracking wildlife and more!
  • Nature Clean-Ups: It is impossible to live at the beach and not spend time there. At least once a month, our team devotes a day to pick up plastics and other debris that have washed up along the beach between Hartenbos and Klein Brak.

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