Valleys and Mountains Development Foundation, Bonnievale

The goal of the Valleys and Mountains Development Foundation is to provide opportunities for youth who might otherwise find themselves tempted by drugs and alcohol, crime or getting involved with gangs.

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Transforming neglected children

Their primary purpose is to see vulnerable, destitute and neglected children, across all lines of culture, gender and religion, transformed through early childhood development and the reformation of family structures, to a new lifestyle with new goals and to raise a generation of youth who are equipped to lead productive lives and are empowered to revitalize the communities where they live.

After school activities offered by the Foundation include the visual arts, dance classes, boxing, and drama, while daytime learning opportunities are available to those youth who are no longer attending school. Starting at the beginning – with the little children – is fundamental to Foundation’s success, which is why they also offer a crèche right next door. Positive feedback, encouragement, helping them to realise that they can choose, they can speak up for themselves, they do have a voice is summarised by the project’s slogan: “Learn today, lead tomorrow”.



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