• Cheetah Management (Wildlife Vet Online)

    16 Lessonsin
    • Cheetah Management (Wildlife Vet Online) - £30.00

    The course part of a series of similar courses. It is designed as an online version of the hands-on experience available with projects where volunteers and students will be involved with reserve and sanctuary management and wildlife conservation in South Africa.

  • Rhinos (Conservation Kids)

    40 Lessonsin
    • Rhinos (Conservation Kids) - £10.00

    Enter into part 2 of our Conservation Kids series...The world of 5 of the most famous RHINOS! How tough are these prehistoric looking animals?

  • Animal Identification (Junior Wildlife Vet)

    47 Lessonsin
    • Animal Identification (Junior Wildlife Vet) - £10.00

    Enter into the world of a wildlife vet by exploring fact, skulls, sounds, and even poo! Join us on an online journey to learn from current veterinary students and what they are learning.

  • Virtual Volunteering - Part 1

    9 Lessonsin
    • Virtual Volunteering - Part 1 - £20.00

    Enter into the world of The Expedition Project and help us and our collaborating projects expand their research, development, marketing and more through a varied selection of beneficial tasks.

  • Big Cats (Conservation Kids)

    38 Lessonsin
    • Big Cats (Conservation Kids) - £10.00

    Enter into part 1 of our Conservation Kids series...The world of 5 of the most famous BIG CATS! How soft are these big softies?

  • The LIFE Project (Global Goals)

    7 Lessonsin
    • The LIFE Project (Global Goals) - £20.00

    Enter into one of our four project headings, each with four categories. Help us share our story and that of our projects with the world!

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