The Debate: Take-away Cup vs Reusable Cup

The rising trend to not offer crockery or reusable cups in coffee shops, and even more so since COVID, has once again stirred up the debate: Is a reusable cup more environmentally friendly than a take-away up?

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A journey in ethical enterprise

The Founder of The Expedition Project examines some key decisions over not just the last 10 years, but the 20 years prior to The Expedition Project’s launch.

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RETHINK: What must happen before Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The world in a take-away coffee cup

(Written in 2013 before the movement started taking shape)

Have you ever wondered what the ecological and anthropological costs are of our consumer decisions? Can a simple quick consumer decision shape our future? For example, do you know what the hidden financial and health costs are of all those take-away cups that deliver your morning caffeine fix? Put another way, did you realize that the world’s largest coffee chain served 2.3 billion cups of coffee in take-away cups last year, a number that keeps growing annually?

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