Africa’s Most Endangered Species (Conservation Kids)

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Enter into the world of Africa’s Most Endangered Species!

It is time for an online safari! Join us in our virtual journey as we look at Africa’s Most Endangered Species – some well known and some not so well known!

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“My dream is to become a wildlife vet, travelling the world to help charities fight the dangers that threaten our incredible animals.

My favourite rhino is the African White Rhino because I have seen one in the wild!”

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This course runs in the order it is shown below – this means you will have to work through the course in this order and you will have to click on the COMPLETE LESSON or the VIEW LESSON QUIZ button at the bottom of each lesson page to proceed – do not forget to do this if you are having issues viewing any of the lessons.

Each module contains six lessons and each lesson has a quiz. When you reach the end of each lesson you will need to click on the VIEW LESSON QUIZ button at the bottom of this lesson page to see and take the quiz.

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Laptop or PC preferable, rather than mobile phone.

You may encounter issues on Mac Safari browsers. Other browsers are preferred.

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