Wildlife Conservation in South Africa (Online Conference)

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Take a weekend off to journey into some of the most inspiring conservation projects, researchers and conservationists in South Africa.

Over the course of two days you will meet, learn and interact with presentations and discussions on topics such as – the implications of conservation and management, shark research, large carnivore ecology, breeding coastal seabirds, empowering communities to protect wildlife and assist conservation, pollinators of the Fynbos (national plant of South Africa), monitoring wildlife and lessons from carnivores, Protecting the protected through assessing driver behaviour in protected areas of South Africa, and more!


Background Information

Read up about the organisations and speakers before, during or after the conference.

Live Talks

Watch or re-watch the live talks or watch replays after the conference.

Live Q&A’s

Watch live question and answer sessions and participate by sending in your questions either ahead of time or live by using the comments section of the livestream.

Video Chat Rooms

Join any of the moderated video chat rooms and discuss scheduled topics with like-minded people. These rooms only accept 10 people at a time so if you are unable to enter then you can either wait or try again at a later point.

Text Forums

Join in on discussions on some of the topics, speakers and organisations covered during the conference.

Calls to Action

Ways how you can help from wherever you are in the world!


Saturday, TBC 2021

09:30 GMT – Live Introduction

10:00 GMT – Live Talk 1 – TBC

10:20 GMT – Live Q&A – TBC

10:45 GMT – Live Talk 2 – Marine Dynamics

11:05 GMT – Live Q&A – Marine Dynamics

11:30 GMT – Live Talk 3 – Nature’s Valley Trust

11:50 GMT – Live Q&A – Nature’s Valley Trust

13:00 GMT – Live Talk 4 – Marine Dynamics

13:20 GMT – Live Q&A – Marine Dynamics

13:45 GMT – Live Talk 5 – Zululand Conservation Trust

14:05 GMT – Live Q&A – Zululand Conservation Trust

14:30 GMT – Live Talk 6 – Terry-lee Honiball

14:50 GMT – Live Q&A – Terry-lee Honiball

TBC GMT – Live Talk 7 – Dr Peter Rogers

TBC GMT – Live Q&A – Dr Peter Rogers

Sunday, TBC 2021

10:00 GMT – Live Talk 8 – Marine Dynamics

10:20 GMT – Live Q&A – Marine Dynamics

10:45 GMT – Live Talk 9 – Nature’s Valley Trust

11:05 GMT – Live Q&A – Nature’s Valley Trust

11:30 GMT – Live Talk 10 – TBC

11:50 GMT – Live Q&A – TBC

13:00 GMT – Live Talk 11 – Marine Dynamics

13:20 GMT – Live Q&A – Marine Dynamics

13:45 GMT – Live Talk 12 – Endangered Wildlife Trust

14:05 GMT – Live Q&A – Endangered Wildlife Trust

14:30 GMT – Live Talk 13 – Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre

14:50 GMT – Live Q&A – Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre

15:00 GMT – Live Conclusion


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