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Over the last year, due to the global pandemic (COVID-19 if you managed to miss it!), there have been many positives for global wildlife, including in Africa. Due to lack of travel, rhino poaching had a period in which it was not viable or profitable resulting in a decline in poaching of 42%. Furthermore, the climate crisis was finally put at the forefront of the global agenda. Significantly more people are lobbying for recognition of the climate crisis and it means that it had to be a priority for politicians being voted in this year. For example, Joe Biden made it a pivotal aspect of his 2020 election campaign and has already reversed many of Donald Trumps catastrophic actions. To read more about some of the UNs climate positive outcomes of 2020 click here.

Despite this, there have been some negatives too. The lack of usual tourism and support for conservation groups has put a real financial strain on the organisations. Consequently, they are having to carry out the tasks that they normally would but with reduced staffing and funding. Furthermore, as we slowly leave lockdown and 2020 behind, our worldwide population is resorting to previous bad habits, and poachers are desperately returning to fulfil demand for their products as travel somewhat resumes in order to earn some form of income.

Consequently, we feel that this is the most poignant time to broadcast some of the best conservationists that we have identified in South Africa. In 2012, following 8 months of research, 101 projects were explored resulting in a small community of reliable organisations that are committed to our vision of sustainability, ethical tourism and conservation to name a few – read more here.

Our charity conference will provide a platform for some of these organisations to discuss their work and conservation techniques whilst providing a method of raising funds ~ the total revenue from this conference will be split between the contributing organisations. We will be discussing ecology, conservation and veterinary intervention in African species, and so hopefully the content will appeal to a broad range of people with many different interests.

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