Wildlife Conservation in South Africa 2021 (Online Conference)

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Post-Event Access | 52 lessons  | 9 Organizations | 11 hours | Donations Included | Wildlife Conservation Fundraising Course | Online Conference Series

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All talks and forums are available post-event!

This course includes:

  • 11 hours of on-demand video
  • Full access while a member
  • Certificate of completion
  • REPLAYS of live presentations 
  • REPLAYS of live Q&A’s 
  • REPLAYS of live panels 
  • Ongoing forum discussions

What you’ll learn:

  • Comprehend conservation and research of South African land and marine wildlife
  • Comprehend best practices and success stories of wildlife conservation
  • Learn about tried and tested conservation techniques

Course Topics:

  • Biomimicry Introduction
  • Cheetah Conservation
  • Conservation Education
  • Eco-system Links – Birds, Bees & Flowers
  • Endangered Species
  • Hippo Conservation
  • Large Carnivore Ecology
  • Penguin Conservation
  • Rhino Conservation
  • Shark Conservation

Course Outcomes:

  • 11 hours of Wildlife Conservation introductions
  • Optional Virtual Volunteering
  • Certificates (members only)
  • Additional Resources and Downloads (members only)


  • You should be able to use a PC at beginner level.
  • An interest in charities, NGO’s and NPO’s would be an advantage.
  • An interest in wildlife conservation would be an advantage.

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals with passion for nature and the environment.
  • Students of conservation related fields
  • Professionals who want to gain knowledge about wildlife conservation / veterinary medicine.

Full list of speakers and topics here.

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Join our journey and meet some of the most inspiring conservation projects, researchers and conservationists in South Africa.

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Over the course of our two day conference (recorded and available to watch on replay) you will meet, learn and interact with presentations and discussions on topics such asThe implications of conservation and management, Shark research, Large carnivore ecology, Breeding coastal seabirds, Empowering communities to protect wildlife and assist conservation, Pollinators of the Fynbos (national plant of South Africa), Monitoring wildlife and lessons from carnivores, Protecting the protected through assessing driver behaviour in protected areas of South Africa, Biomimicry as a way of being, and more!

Speakers includeMarine Dynamics, Cape Leopard Trust, Endangered Wildlife TrustZululand Conservation Trust, Amakhala Foundation, Natures Valley Trust, Biowise, Terry-Lee Honiball, Dr Peter Rogers BVSc, plus a Tourism panel from all around South Africa.

Full list of speakers and topics here.

Marine Dynamics / Dyer Island Conservation Trust
🐧 Live penguin feeding and the African penguin and seabird sanctuary
🦈 Title: White shark research and conservation
🦭 Title: A glimpse of the underwater world~ baiting and following animals underwater
🐋 Title: Marine big 5 data collection and research
🐬 MD / DICT work to protect the biodiversity of the marine ecosystem surrounding dyer Island~ an integral ecosystem in terms of global sea-life
Zululand Conservation Trust
🦏 Title: Empowering communities to protect wildlife and assist conservation
🦛 ZCT educate, empower and uplift local communities which is assisting in addressing endangered animals in their region. They also have a regional Rhino (and quite often hippo!) orphanage.
Cape Leopard Trust
🐆 Title: Leopards of the Cape- an umbrella species for biodiversity conservation
🐾 CLT work to safeguard the leopards habitat and eliminate human wildlife conflict.
Nature’s Valley Trust
🦜 Title: Breeding coastal seabirds
🐝 Title: Pollinators of the Fynbos
🦋 NVT work to promote conservation, education, community and research in the world renowned Natures Valley
Endangered Wildlife Trust
🐍 Title: Protecting the protected- assessing driver behaviour in protected areas of South Africa
🦎 EWT is a large organisation that aim to save species and habitats whilst benefitting local communities! The roads project attempts to mitigate wildlife road incidents.
Amakhala Foundation
👣 Title: The link between communities and conservation at Amakhala
🧠 AF carry out community and conservation projects. They focus on environmental education, their craft centre (job creation), supporting pre-school age children, and providing psycho-social support to the local communities.
🐜. Title: Biomimicry as a way of being
♻️ Biomimicry is the concept of using nature as a tool to learn from and inform our everyday lives. Biowise aims to teach people about this incredible concept!


Dr Peter Rogers

🐆 Title: Cheetah Conservation / The World of a Wildlife Vet

🐾 With over 30 year’s experience, Dr Peter Rogers is considered one of the most experienced wildlife veterinarians in the world. He specializes in the capture and veterinary care of some of South Africa’s most endangered species, including the southern white rhinoceros, black rhinoceros, African elephant, cheetah, African wild dog, African Lion, Temminck’s ground pangolin and many other species.

Terry-Lee Honiball

🦁Title: Monitoring wildlife: lessons from carnivores

📸Terry-Lee Honiball is a large carnivore behavior specialist working throughout South Africa.

6 reviews for Wildlife Conservation in South Africa 2021 (Online Conference)

  1. Algernon (verified owner)

    Nottingham, UK

    Very enjoyable and inspiring event with lots of fascinating talks to get stuck in with!!! Worth it!

  2. Nirvana (DVWCS)

    Edinburgh, UK

    An epic weekend of well-presented and thought-provoking talks! I would highly recommend to any student looking to expand their knowledge of conservation and get the low down on current challenges facing non-profit organisations. The breadth of talk topics was incredibly vast and all the presenters were so engaging. Very much looking forward to next year!

  3. Katrina (DVWCS)

    Edinburgh, UK

    Incredible content and organisation – this conference covered such a wide range of topics! Absolutely recommend to any students interested in conservation and learning more about current and past challenges being faced by various organisations in South Africa. Panel discussions are also so engaging and overall amazing speakers!

  4. Yashaswini (RVCZS)

    Royal Veterinary College, London, United Kingdom

    Such an amazing conference in terms of both content and layout – very easy to get around all the pages and the variety of speakers was remarkable, from plant biodiversity to marine conservation it really gave a holistic overview of conservation in South Africa. I’d definitely reccomend this to anyone interested in learning more about wildlife and how we can better live in harmony with nature 🙂

  5. Izzy (NUVZS)

    Nottingham , UK

    I loved collaborating with all of the different organisations in the set up for the conference and could never have predicted the amazing quality of talks that everyone presented. This conference was like no other in the interaction between all of the different organisations. The conference pages are super easy to coordinate, even post conference, and there is such an incredible variety in the talks that were presented. SO excited to hopefully help coordinate another one next year!

  6. Clio (NUVZS) (verified owner)

    Nottingham, UK

    A really interesting weekend of conferences, great to know that we were supporting all the amazing research and charity groups that spoke to us. I love that I can go back to re-watch the lectures when I have spare time. Definitely recommend to students who want an insight into conservation/wildlife veterinary medicine!

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