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The EXPEDITION Project has reinvented volunteer tourism by taking it on a road trip. This offers volunteers access to a far greater scope of projects and a large variety of cultures and landscapes. It contributes to the sustainability of the organisation through the funds it generates, but it also contributes valuable skills to the team. Volunteers are directly involved in project assessments and practical project support. Additionally, they assist with expedition research, which is a significant aspect of the organisation’s work. They also assist with the creation and publication of media material that gives all stakeholders excellent exposure and networking opportunities.

When possible we invite you to join The EXPEDITION Project on a rare chance to capture an important moment in history or assist with research and development.

In 2012, we lay the foundations of our future expeditions by meeting and analysing projects, towns and organisations all over South Africa. The purpose was to understand how best to work with run our expeditions and where to travel.

In 2013, we ran a conservaton research project for CapeNature as well as connecting with new projects and towns and re-connecting with projects and towns from 2012.

In 2014, South Africa celebrated its 20th year of democracy and hold its fifth national quinquennial election for a new national assembly – we asked for help to capture this and more.

In 2015 to 2017, we revisited some of our projects and towns and began to plot out our primary support areas and routes.

In every trip we take we look for young, adventurous volunteers with an interest and training in all forms of media to assist documenting and capturing progress and development, as well as pitfalls, in South Africa. Besides capturing the expedition with video, photography and stories, we also need our volunteers to help with surveys and interviews in the communities, as well as assist with our static community projects we will be visiting.

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The EXPEDITION Project is an innovative organisation that supports and initiates social, environmental and tourism projects, while also facilitating and overseeing Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives on behalf of corporate organisations.  This mission is executed via annual overland expeditions, which are made sustainable through sponsorships, volunteer tourism and independent media productions. Target demographics include corporate organisations, international special interest travellers, community projects and local small businesses.

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