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Online charity auctions offer a dynamic platform where individuals can bid on items or experiences donated by supporters or businesses, with proceeds going to charitable causes we support.

Participants can browse a wide array of items, place bids, and track their progress remotely, all through our own dedicated auction website and app.

Our auctions typically have a set duration, allowing bidders to engage at their convenience while supporting meaningful projects from anywhere in the world.

Current Auction:

Endangered Wildlife Trust: 30th April – 9th June 2024

Other than promotions via the Endangered Wildlife TrustThe Expedition Project and all our individual donors and sponsors, the following media publications have broadened the reach:

Sunday Tribune (435k weekly readership)

go2africa Newsletter (65k readers)

Radio 702 (530k listeners)

For media enquiries, email [email protected]

Radio 702 (530k listeners)

Weekend Breakfast with Gugs Mhlungu: Joined by Resident CSI & Nature Conservationist, Tim Neary and Business Development Officer for The Endangered Wildlife Trust, Tammy Baker on their upcoming online auction which aims to raise at least R300 000.00 for The EWT’s work to conserve threatened species and ecosystems in southern and East Africa to the benefit of all people.

Tammy joins the conversation from 04m25s.

What is the Endangered Wildlife Trust? Since 1973, the Endangered Wildlife Trust is dedicated to conserving threatened species and ecosystems in southern and East Africa to the benefit of all. To achieve this, our strategy focusses on three strategic imperatives: Saving Species, Conserving Habitats, and Benefitting People.   For any additional information, please visit our website at:

Where is the Trust based? The Trust has its head office based in Midrand, with our field staff spread across Southern and east Africa.

What is the purpose of the auction?  Hosting an auction such as this raises much needed funds for essential projects that The EWT does and boosts destination tourism for the amazing towns and communities where our sponsors have donated auction items from.  This, in turn, benefits people, jobs, well-being and everyone connected to the towns and communities where the projects and tourism takes place. Which can then in-turn revive small town economies. 

How much does the trust hope to raise? R300 000.00 plus

What will the money be used for? To support research and field projects being undertaken by The EWT to save species, conserve habitats and ultimately benefit people. 

Is this an animal or wildlife auction? No! The EWT does not support auctioning wildlife for pets.

What items will be auctioned? The auction comprises mainly special accommodation prizes, which are  based in wonderful parts of our beautiful country. These have been generously sponsored by our long-term supporters. Special thanks to go2africaThornybushaHa hotels and lodgesRitsakoFleur de Soleil and many others. Special thanks to The Expedition Project for hosting our online auction.

Why those items? Where did the items come from?  These items promote destination tourism which, in the long term benefits the communities living in proximity to the lodges and stays on auction.  These prizes have been sourced from both long-term and new supporters of The Endangered Wildlife Trust and The Expedition Project.   There is still time to get involved by donating items of any kind, and of course by supporting our auction. We are hosting an online auction which closes on 2 June, as well as two live auctions. One at our Copperleaf golf day on the 24th of May and the other at our Stellenbosch golf day on the 31 May. Products and services can be sponsored by using the form at the bottom of the Donors page here.

Do you have to based in South Africa or from South Africa to participate? Absolutely not! This online auction is open to everyone from anywhere in the world. What better way to great a great deal for a holiday and support an inspiring cause at the same time!

Do you have to be an auction expert to bid and participate? No, this is a very easy and fun way to support great projects and possibly great a great deal too!

How many times can I bid? As many times as you want. Bid high or low but it is best to bid often!

Do I have to keep an eye on the bidding all the time? No, you can bid once and leave it there, or you can bid many times and actively keep and eye and continuingly participate – it is up to you. You will get notified by email on the progress of your bidding.

Why is it important to raise awareness on the endangered wildlife?  As people become more aware of the impact we all have in the Planet through our everyday actions, we can contribute, either through our own actions or through that of an organisation like the EWT, to a healthy Planet and an equitable world that values and sustains the diversity of all life.  Without healthy ecosystems, clean air and water,  there is no life. Thus the importance of conserving all species, not only those that are threatened with extinction, as well as restoring degraded habitats so they are able to sustain all life, and ensuring that people benefit through our efforts to drive the uptake of nature-based solutions for improved livelihoods, business and development.

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