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We cannot be everywhere…and so we look for ambassadors for selected parts of South Africa. This way we can keep our ear to the ground and hand on the pulse of all the fantastic people, places and projects.


We have been DRIVING CHANGE since 2012. We have travelled 36535km (22701miles), visited 353 towns & 155 projects, with the help of 405 hospitality partners, to meet and understand the challenges communities face. We then connect projects, communities, ideas and individuals with each other, share their successes and help take them one step further with contacts, expertise and funding.


We believe in collaboration in the form of a connected community sharing successes and failures.

We believe in transparency in who we work with and our place in this collaboration.

We believe that as a social enterprise we are unique in our community partnerships and project spending. Our expeditions have a responsible travel ethos and include charity donations and several forms of community support, carbon offset via tree plantings and local business partnerships. Where our money goes is very important to us!

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Aidan Eastern Cape, South Africa

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Courtnay Gauteng, South Africa

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Izzy Nottingham, England

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Molly Nottingham, England

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Nirvana Edinburgh, Scotland

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Terry-Lee North West, South Africa

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Yashaswini London, England

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Volunteering Q&A with Ambassador Nirvana:

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A collaborative community of Ambassadors

Of course, we cannot be everywhere at once, and we do not want to be. Instead we want to build a collaborative community that believes in sharing successes and failures.

We do not believe in reinventing the wheel, and we are not professing to be experts in anything. What we care about is sharing positive stories in the hope that this will encourage more people to do more, experience more and share more.

Since 2012 we have identified 155 projects around Southern Africa. Many of these projects share their progress actively, however many do not or are unable to.

Furthermore, we have a handful of exceptional projects which we would like to keep an even closer eye on in order to promote them even more. In both these cases we need the help from an active community of volunteers and ambassadors.

Volunteers to participate on these projects and Ambassadors to help share these stories and keep the progress alive.

Who we need help from?

Our project list is ever growing. The more towns we visit the more projects we discover. And in some cases, these projects change, develop or merge. We need hands on the ground all over Southern Africa to let us know, in real-time, as things change for the better or worse.

If you have a vehicle and are willing and able to do project visits, volunteer collections and partner meetings then this might be perfect for you.

What do we need help with?

Monthly visits to projects within your area in order to:

  • Conduct project interviews
  • Take project and partner photos
  • Project filming
  • Get updates from projects and update website accordingly
  • Find out what current project needs and wishes are

How much time is needed?

We are unable to afford coverage of all these areas at full-time salaries and so the time you spend is up to you. We recommend about 2 days per month. It makes for a nice long weekend activity or part-time exploration.

Where do we need help?

We are looking for ambassadors all over the world, but most importantly we would like people based in and around the following places (click on the place names for more information):

Western Cape

Eastern Cape

KwaZulu Natal



  • Johannesburg (mainly operating in the outskirts of Johannesburg)

Free State

Northern Cape


North West


  • No matter where you are located we need help and support. This could be reaching out to local universities, businesses or charities.

If you feel you have something to offer, then please let us know.

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