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This membership plan is available free to the Dick Vet Wildlife Conservation Society.

This Membership is ideal for students looking for a gateway to academic research, ongoing content, courses, live support and relevant project updates.

Here’s what you get:

Access to student and academic related content and support – blogs, articles, photos, video footage, live streams, mentoring, free courses and more | Up to 50% discount on certain paying courses & Project Shop purchases | Accumulate badges and certificates for courses and online volunteering.

Get a FREE TEP membership by being a DVWCS member. 

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  • +User Account
  • +Route Planner
  • +Full Live Stream Access
  • +Full Blog Access
  • +Full Resources Access
  • +Full Certificate Access
  • +Virtual Volunteering Courses
  • +Global Goals Courses
  • +Medium Eco-shop Discounts
  • +20% Conference Discounts
  • +10-50% All Courses Discounts
  • +Variable Live Event Discounts

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This Student Membership plan gives you access to ongoing courses and content relevant to you, your academic research and similar interests.

“The course (Wildlife Vet Online – linked to this membership) is so impressive and Dr Rogers’ videos are fantastic. Really good content with clear explanations. It’s a fantastic resource for those wanting to do wildlife medicine – it feels really valuable from a veterinary aspect.” ~ Nirvana, University of Edinburgh.

This membership plan is available free to the Dick Vet Wildlife Conservation Society – contact [email protected] for more details.

4 reviews for DVWCS Membership

  1. Jade (DVWCS)

    RDSVS, Edinburgh, Scotland

    As part of the society you get exclusive access to monthly talks, EMS/placement opportunities and discounted rates with TEP courses; as well as access to Dr Peter Rogers monthly and, if not just for the content, this membership also grants you access to a community of like-minded people! 100% worth the investment!

  2. Joanna Elizabeth (DVWCS)

    RDSVS, Edinburgh, Scotland

    The DVWCS membership allows you access to so much content, monthly live streams with Dr Rogers where you can ask him any questions at all that you may have and the discounted access to the wildlife vet courses is really amazing. It allows you to gain Clinical EMS for a fraction of the cost of other online course material while still produced at an extremely high standard. Such a great partnership to have!

  3. Katrina (DVWCS)

    RDSVS (UofE), Scotland

    By joining DVWCS you also gain access to the amazing resources provided by the expedition project, including monthly live streams (super cool to hear directly from a South African Wildlife Vet) and discounts to incredible online veterinary courses! The benefits are so worth it :))

  4. Emily (DVWCS)

    University of Edinburgh, Scotland

    This is the second year I have been a committee member of DVWCS and it has been amazing. I love the access we get to TEP’s courses and online Q&A’s with Dr. Rogers. I look forward to the Q&A’s every month. I cannot express how helpful this site has been in preparing me for a future in the wildlife field as far as expectations for what is ahead and advice of how to get into the field. Furthermore, the content from the courses is just plain interesting. I would highly recommend becoming a member of DVWCS even if just to gain access to this TEP membership (though we have other cool talks/events as well!).

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