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Our policies outline our commitments to partners, donors, customers, projects, and all who support our goals. Below are our core principles when it comes to conducting business:

We will commit to high standards
We will be clear, honest and open
We will be respectful
We will be fair and reasonable
We will be accountable and responsible

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The Expedition Project Wider Goals
Combat Unemployment & Urbanisation

Our research in 2012 revealed that urbanisation is a focus area for the youth and unemployed. We encourage sustainable development in smaller towns by supporting business ideas that benefit the communities directly.

Replicate Successes

We aim to develop templates that can replicate successes throughout our network. By creating communication channels between towns, entrepreneurs and projects, we enable them to collaborate and share best practices.

Encourage Sustainable Charity

For charities to be sustainable, they need to move beyond relying on sponsorships and donations to developing revenue streams. The ideas are theirs – The Expedition Project helps them to make the right connections.

Boost Destination Marketing for South Africa

In everything we do, we aim to showcase what SA has to offer. Naturally, this includes spreading the success stories of the smaller, lesser-known areas.

Responsible and Ethical Volunteer Tourism

Our goal is to give the traveller a rounded, beneficial and honest experience that they will want to repeat and promote.

Create & Share Information Resources

Our aim is to become an online resource of information:

– Promoting South African projects

– Promoting our collaborators

– Connecting supporters with organisations

– Connecting organisations with one another

Promote Sustainability and Sustainable Operations
*The above relates to expeditions and road trips
*5-75% project donations on selected online courses that are not already specific fundraising courses/events

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