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It is the policy of The Expedition Project to source partners that enforce the best practices in the ethical treatment of animals and wildlife.

Our partners are therefore chosen for their conservation methods which promote the betterment of an individual as well as a species.

We stand firmly against animal cruelty, any unnecessary human interaction and the exploitation of animals for profit.

Modern conservation does however mean that tourism, sanctuaries, rescue centres and breeding programmes do play a part in the longevity of the wildlife we aim to protect.

As conservation and the methods and practices needed for conservation to succeed are always in development, we welcome discussion, research and statistics that enable us all, as the conservation community, to be better informed in the protection of animals as well as the projects at the forefront of wildlife conservation.

A note on Partnering Projects – Projects chosen by The Expedition Project have been individually visited and assessed and undergo ongoing reviews of their ethical standards. If at any point we feel these standards are not being met, The Expedition Project has no problem suspending partnerships until audits and research can be done. In the case of some projects, The Expedition Project has taken a stance to assist with ethical transitions, sustainable revenue streams and improved practices rather than abandoning support.

A note on Wildlife Vet Courses – Vet and student interaction with wildlife is restricted to necessary procedures. Any projects that involve animals which come into contact with our vets or our students are being placed in that situation out of animal safety and animal welfare with ethical treatment always at the forefront of our minds. Read more on project ethical standards relating to volunteering here.

Any views expressed by representing Vets are those of the individual Vet based on their experiences and research. This may not always be the views or experiences of The Expedition Project.

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