Community Development in South Africa (Online Conference)

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All conference talks available on replay

Our online conference is an innovative one: This means you can use conference material before, during and after the event. For this reason our conference is laid out in a lesson and e-learning format. Learn more here.

Navigate to different talks and topics as you would progress through online learning modules and lessons. Scroll down and choose talks, speakers or participation options using either the listed conference schedule or lesson breakdown under specific topic modules.

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Background Information

Read up about the organisations and speakers.

Live Talk Replays

Re-watch the live presentation style talks.

Live Q&A Replays

Re-Watch live question and answer sessions and participate by sending in your questions by using the comments section.

Video Chat Rooms

Join any of the moderated video chat rooms and discuss scheduled topics with like-minded people. These rooms only accept 10 people at a time so if you are unable to enter then you can either wait or try again at a later point.

Text Forums

Join in on discussions on some of the topics, speakers and organisations covered during the conference.

Calls to Action

Ways how you can help from wherever you are in the world!

Live Panels

A chance to hear our panel of experts discuss topical issues relating to community development and the SDG’s.

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Schedule TBC

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