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Who we are

Our firsthand experience of working with underprivileged communities has done away with any illusions we may have started out with. And yet, we have emerged more hopeful for the future. Where obstacles stand in the way of meaningful change, we see opportunities for creativity and growth. Where resources are scant, we see potential to use what is right here at hand.

What we solve

Hands-on assessment – Without hands-on assessment, a project’s true needs may not be identified and critical factors may go unnoticed.

The selection criteria – Our selection process is strict, which is intended to safeguard all parties but may inadvertently exclude worthy projects until further research is done.

Follow-ups – The lack of direct follow-up leaves much room for misunderstanding and mismanagement. We therefore meet and follow-up with projects as frequently as possible.

Ongoing support – Smaller community projects are seldom helped practically and often lack the skills to track progress or overcome unforeseen obstacles.

Lesser known projects – Projects in remote areas are often excluded due to their isolation and lack of access to technology.

What donating means

Meet – We will identify, research and meet (and follow-up) with the projects which will most benefit from your donations.

Feature – These projects will be featured below as donations are needed.

Follow-up – We will follow up with the projects to see that your money is putting to good use and advertise their progress.

Your donation options

Once-off – Donate to individual projects as and when you are able to below using reference codes below as your payment references.

Ongoing – Set up a monthly donation to a specific project below using The Expedition Project and the project name as your payment reference.

Multiple – Set up a monthly donation direct to The Expedition Project and we will donate on your behalf to the projects who need it most each month.

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Currently featured projects most in need of donations

Conservation Collaboration

Conservation Collaboration Create, Collaborate & Conserve

Donate here
Reference - Conservation Collaboration

Provet Animal Hospital

Provet Animal Hospital Pangolin Daily Fees

Donate here
Reference - Provet Pangolins

Friends of Chintsa

Friends of Chintsa COVID-19 Food Parcels

Donate here
Reference - TEP Food

Kariega Foundation

Kariega Foundation Rhino Adoption

Donate here
Reference - TEP Rhinos

Wildlife Conservation Trust

Wildlife Conservation Trust Help sustain South Africa's first Elephant Orphanage

Donate here
Reference - TEP Elephants

Funda Nenja

Funda Nenja Touching lives of children and dogs

Donate here
Reference - TEP Funda

Nknonzo Wildlife Research

Nknonzo Wildlife Research Educate. Act. Empower

Donate here
Reference - TEP Nkonzo

Natures Valley Trust

Natures Valley Trust In support of Conservation

Donate here
Reference - TEP Coasts

Zululand Conservation Trust

Zululand Conservation Trust Rhino Orphanage

Donate here
Reference - TEP Rhinos

Zululand Conservation Trust

Zululand Conservation Trust Zululand Pangolins

Donate here
Reference - TEP Pangolins

Zululand Conservation Trust

Zululand Conservation Trust 300 Food Parcels

Donate here
Reference - TEP Parcels


Nourish Growing resilient communities

Donate here
Reference - TEP Nourish

Pebbles Project

Pebbles Project Changing Lives

Donate here
Reference - TEP Children

Barrydale Hand Weavers

Barrydale Hand Weavers Lockdown Fund

Donate here
Reference - TEP Weavers
Read about their COVID-19 appeal here.

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