Conservation Collaboration Donation


Make a donation to the Conservation Collaboration created to support several inspiring organisations around South Africa.

Choose as many units of £5 as you wish.

Fundraising to date

Automatic donations vary by product and profits, this is your chance to increase that amount.

All products are linked to certain projects (see tags), this is your chance to add another TEP listed project.


This fund supports:

  • Hands-on Big 5 and common species wildlife management
  • Hands-off Big 5 and common species wildlife research
  • Endangered Species support
  • Wildlife rehabilitation
  • Rhino and Hippo orphanages
  • Giraffe research
  • Coastal & forest conservation and birds
  • Marine conservation and sustainability
  • Shark and penguin research and monitoring
  • Youth and enterprise development
  • Community conservation education
  • Biomimicry research

Find out more about our Conservation Collaboration here.

More details here on individual project donations.


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