Team, Teachers and Group Leaders

Dr Bossie

Dr Bossie Wildlife Vet Experience

In collaboration with SA World Vets.
Read about WVE.
Contact Bossie here.

Dr Izzy

Dr Izzy Lead Ambassador

In collaboration with TEP Ambassadors.
Read about Izzy.
Contact Izzy here.


Kellyn Coastal Conservation Online

Read about Kellyn.
Contact Kellyn here.

Dr Peter

Dr Peter Wildlife Vet Online

In collaboration with Provet Animal Hospital.
Read about Peter.
Contact Peter here.


Rachel Online Shop

Contact Rachel here.


Roger Founder

Read about Roger.
Contact Roger here.


Sue Biomimicry Online

In collaboration with BioWise.
Read about Sue.
Contact Sue here.


Talitha Coastal Conservation Online

In collaboration with Two Oceans Aquarium.
Watch Talitha.
Contact Talitha here.


Terry-Lee Ecology Online

In collaboration with Ecology Online.
Read about Terry-Lee.
Contact Terry-Lee here.

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