Coastal Conservation Online Live 1

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Recorded: 4th October 2022

Live with: Talitha (Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation and Roger (The Expedition Project), plus Emma (The Expedition Project Ambassador)

Focus: 7 species (and their conservation status); Context of our Turtle Rehab; Hatchling Stranding Season; Visiting Turtles – Case study; Release and Tracking

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6 responses to “Coastal Conservation Online Live 1”

  1. Emma Seed says:

    What biosecurity protocols do you have in place to reduce the risk of infectious disease in the turtles at the aquarium?

  2. Emma Seed says:

    What are the main roles of the vets at the aquarium? Do they work with all species or are there different vets that work with turtles, sharks, etc? And do they work at the aquarium full time or are they coming in on an “as needed” basis?

  3. Emma Seed says:

    When they are released, how long can the journey to the turtle release site take? How do you ensure the turtles’ welfare during transportation?

  4. Emma Seed says:

    Stranded hatchlings are often dehydrated, how do you go about treating dehydration in turtles?

  5. Emma Seed says:

    Are there any major differences in how you care for different species of sea turtle e.g. green compared to loggerhead? Or are their husbandry requirements quite similar?

  6. Emma Seed says:

    At any one time, how many turtles might you be rehabilitating at the aquarium? How long has the longest resident turtle been at the aquarium for?

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