Terry is currently doing her masters in large carnivore ecology in the North West province, South Africa.

When did I first realise I wanted to get into conservation?

I have always been involved in nature in some way or another. I was brought up in a small town and often visited reserves and spent many days riding horses on long trips cross country. The conservation bug has always been sneaking around in my life.

What is my motivation to research large carnivores?

To change the perspective. They arent just killing machines. They’re highly misunderstood and we still have so much to learn about the critical role they play in the environment.
We need carnivores, and we need them alive.

My biggest tip if you want to study animals…

There are so many sectors which involve animals. Volunteer first and know which sector is your calling. From there it’s easy; passion and dedication.

The hardest thing about my field…

It is constantly changing, if you dont adapt, you will be left behind.

What is my favourite animal?

Cheetah, they’re fascinating.

My favourite animal related story is…

Any story told by the khoi San. They’re all incredible. I could spend hours listening to their stories, like why no one likes jackal.

My favourite animal photo I have taken is…

That’s a difficult one because every photo comes with a story and a huge range of emotions and memories from that moment. But if I would have to pick one it would be any of a spotted hyaena, they’re such special animals, or of Mick, one of the wild dogs I’ve spent many hours with, he is such a lovable lump of fluff.

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