Our firsthand experience of working with underprivileged communities has done away with any illusions we may have started out with. And yet, we have emerged more hopeful for the future. Where obstacles stand in the way of meaningful change, we see opportunities for creativity and growth. Where resources are scant, we see potential to use what is right here at hand.

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Our Vision

Why The EXPEDITION Project?

‘EXPEDITION’ – journey by a team on a mission of purpose.

‘project’ – implying sustainability, an ongoing endeavour rather than a once off feel-good campaign.

Since 2011 we have travelled 36535km (22701miles) by road across South Africa, visited 353 towns & 155 projects, connected with 4,012 people, been supported by 405 hospitality partners and local businesses and we have planted an average of 1 tree per expedition day. The goal is to meet and understand the challenges communities face. We then connect projects, communities, ideas and individuals with each other, share their successes and help take them one step further with contacts, expertise and funding.

You could say we know a thing or two about being on the road.

The challenge

“After 8 months of research in 2011, the first expedition was set for 1 January 2012. This 250 day trip laid the foundations for some of the primary towns and projects we would connect with each year.

In 2013, we ventured further, scoping out more towns and projects in previously unchartered expedition territory. The years following would see shorter trips re-visit as many of those towns and projects as possible.

​In 2012, we had the privilege of meeting a number of inspiring people and projects like Nourish Nature’s Valley Trust, Zululand Conservation Trust, Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre, the Amakhala Foundation, and the Mogalakwena Group, which have become our core projects. These project visits were made possible by the sponsorship of hundreds of hospitality partners all over South Africa and the overwhelming support of towns and communities from Ladismith to Bray, Hermanus to St Lucia, St Francis to Augrabies. This collaboration of people, places and projects is what we aim for The EXPEDITION Project to build on.”

Founder, The EXPEDITION Project

In 2012, we lay the foundations of our future expeditions by meeting and analysing projects, towns and organisations all over South Africa. The purpose was to understand how best to run our expeditions and where to re-visit.

In 2013, we ran a conservation research project for CapeNature as well as connecting with new projects and towns and re-connecting with projects and towns from 2012.

In 2014, South Africa celebrated its 20th year of democracy and held its fifth national quinquennial election for a new national assembly – we asked for help to capture this and more.

In 2015 to present, we revisited some of our projects and towns and began to plot out our primary support areas and routes.


  1. Combat Unemployment & Urbanisation
    Through our research in 2012 migration to the larger centres is a focus for the youth and unemployed. TEP encourages sustainable development in the smaller towns and areas to avoid overpopulation of the cities. We help business ideas in small towns to benefit the communities themselves.
  2. Replicate Successes
    Develop templates that can replicate successes elsewhere. Through the network we create we can communicate and open the channels for towns and entrepreneurs and projects to communicate and collaborate.
  3. Encourage Sustainable Charity
    New age charities need revenue streams to remain sustainable rather than reliance on sponsorships and donations. The ideas are theirs – The EXPEDITION Project helps them to make the right connections.
  4. Boost Destination Marketing for South Africa
    Showcase what SA has to offer and spread the success stories of the smaller, lesser known areas.
  5. Responsible and Ethical Volunteer Tourism
    Give the traveller a rounded, beneficial and honest experience that they will want to repeat and spread the word.
  6. Expand the Reach of CSR Initiatives
    The EXPEDITION Project connects people, projects and organisations from coast to coast and expands horizons.
  7. Give CSR more value for money
  8. Create & Share Information Resources
    theexpeditionproject.com will become an online resource of information about South African projects and its collaborators and also enable supporters to connect with organisations and organisations to connect with each other.
  9. Media Exposure
    Spread the stories via all media available.


As a social enterprise we are unique in our community partnerships and project spending. Our expeditions have a responsible travel ethos and include charity donations and several forms of community support, carbon offset via tree plantings and local business partnerships. Where your money goes is very important to us:

Image result for accommodation icons 19%  Image result for hotel food icons 9%  Image result for donate icons 16%  Image result for project leader icons 31%   19%  See the source image 6%

Accommodation 19% | Food 9% | Project donations 16% | Project leaders 31% | Transport 19% | Tree planting 6%



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