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The Nature’s Valley Trust is a small community driven NPO working at the cutting edge of integrated conservation in South Africa. We operate in four main arenas, namely ConservationEducationCommunity and Research. We take a holistic view of people and the environment, and use our four programs to help shape how people live, how they view the world around them, and how they as individuals can contribute to conserving the natural world. Nestled in the magnificent Garden Route, and situated in world renowned Nature’s Valley, we are a passionate group of conservationists that aim to make a practical difference with the work we do.

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Conservation, Education, Community and Research

In December 2000 a group of Nature’s Valley families launched a community initiative whose goal was to engage all stakeholders and contribute to proactively maintaining the environmental integrity of Nature’s Valley and the surrounding area. The current, relatively pristine condition of the area is largely due to the legacy of a few committed individuals, whose commitment we celebrate and dedicate our work to.

Nature’s Valley lies on one of the most sought-after stretches of South Africa’s coastline and development in the area is occurring at an unprecedented rate. The Nature’s Valley community has the potential to play a role in ensuring that proposed development is appropriate and sustainable and that environmental impact is minimized. In order to achieve this, an involved and proactive community is essential, and this is why the Nature’s Valley Trust (NVT) was established to focus on environmental issues.


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Live Updates

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Yesterday @radical_raptors_rehab got in touch about a male African Goshawk they got in that had a ring on. It was trapped chasing chickens in a coop in Keurbooms and needed rescuing. 5H67001 was a bird the NVT team ringed in March last 2018 as an immature male that we rescued, as it was trapped in a garage on an estate in Keurbooms! So this guy has issues, and clearly needs to ask for better directions in future! It does show just how valuable bird ringing can be! After a quick check up, he was release again by Radical Raptors to fly again! The first pic here shows Kirwan releasing him as an immature bird after the garage rescue last March, while the next two pics are from Radical Raptors from yesterday! #rehab #research #ringing

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