The Breede Centre, McGregor

True to its slogan, “Skills for Life”, The Breede Centre strives to empower unemployed people in the local area with entrepreneurial skills.

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Skills for Life

Current training includes woodwork, computer skills and needlework, while plans are in place to add gardening, cooking, hairdressing, and other practical courses to the subject list.

Skills taught to ensure that students are able to produce high-quality, unique goods so that they can be sold in markets where returns are sufficient to enable funding for ongoing training as well as an income for the entrepreneurs themselves.

Pieter Halloway started The Breede Centre after teaching in the local schools for a number of years. This experience made him very familiar with the pressures facing youth in the area. High levels of unemployment lead some youth to drug and alcohol abuse, so Pieter is striving to alleviate this by passing on his skills in maths, woodwork, accounting, and building (among others). Fundamental to his approach is ensuring that people are supported to believe in themselves.



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