Vet Books for Africa, Onderstepoort

Vet Books for Africa is a truly unique, student-run venture that was established in 1993 with the aim to empower our fellow veterinary universities in other countries and to build sustainable international relations between veterinary students. We are based in Onderstepoort, Pretoria, South Africa, at the University of Pretoria.

Since 1993 a group of 8 South African veterinary students have been making this amazing trip biannually, making a bigger impact every time. So far we have collectively made 13 trips, reached 6 universities, traveled 84 000 kilometers and distributed approximately 2300 books.

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Vets on a mission


Unlocking the true potential of conservation in Africa through the education of its people. One Health. One Africa.


We aim to distribute textbooks, journals and other veterinary supplies and equipment to veterinary faculties, rural communities and schools in various countries of Africa, while aiding and volunteering at veterinary clinics and conservation sanctuaries en route.

We strive to promote education and conservation through our actions and to unite veterinary students of Africa in order to achieve the ultimate goal of preserving this world for generations to come.


On a 6-week journey during December 2020 and January 2021, we will drive about 12 000 kilometers in our trip up into Africa. We will be visiting Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya and Uganda in our endeavor. We plan to distribute much needed veterinary commodities to universities and volunteer at veterinary clinics and conservation sanctuaries en route.


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07 April is World Health Day 🌍 • One of VB4A’s core values is #OneHealth. Veterinarians and para-veterinarians play a crucial role in the health of animals, and therefore in the health of humans. 🤝 🐾 • As the world focuses on the COVID-19 pandemic, this is an opportune time to put the spotlight on illegal wildlife trafficking; highlighting how it plays a role in spreading diseases worldwide and demanding of authorities and governments to take action against the awful crime of the trade of animals. • Here is an extract from our recent blog on the role of Wildlife Trafficking and Wet Markets in the spread of COVID-19 which you can find at 🧑‍💻 • “Wild animal trades can lead to outbreak of diseases across countries via wet markets. Wet markets are markets that sell live poultry, fish, reptiles and mammals of every kind. There has been reports of the corona virus breaking out at a wet market in Wuhan and this has raised some concerns regarding the consumption of wild meat possibly transmitting the virus….• Wet markets are not the real problem; unhygienic conditions together with the trade of wildlife is. Problems arise when the legal market is used by criminals to sell trafficked animals, and where wildlife is kept, sold and butchered in unhygienic conditions.” • VB4A strives to better the health of people and animals in Africa by using education to increase the awareness about illegal wildlife trade ! • 📷 photos – the VB4A Committee perform veterinary work on a rhino on in 2018 • #covid19 #veterinarians #onehealth #awareness #illegalwildlifetrade #wuhan #vetsonamission

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