St Francis Bay Soup Kitchens, St Francis Bay

It was an early start today… The porridge had just finished cooking and the first children had not yet arrived when we reached Andrew and Margaret’s house in Sea Vista. Although Margaret had everything well under control, we were at least able to finish off the hot bowls with sugar and a bit of milk.Between 60 and 200 children arrive at their home every morning. At first, it was funded out of their own pockets but they have luckily managed to to secure donations and funding from local businesses and individuals as well as the Rotary Club.

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60 and 200 children arrive every morning

Just down the road we found another soup kitchen set-up, this one operated by a woman named Aggie. She also provides early morning porridge for local children, but cooks up some soup in the afternoons too. In fact, when we were there she was even busy putting together food parcels for people who have less than she does.  Aggie does a lot, and is remarkably humble about all of it.


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