On the Wild Coast

They are situated in one of the most beautiful areas in South Africa, Chintsa on the Wild Coast.  It is not uncommon to see a pod of dolphins surfing the waves down the beach or spray from whales passing by. Or even giraffe, zebra, and elephant on the way to market!


They started in 1998 just as a beach and bush horse trail destination, three women with two hundred pounds (birthday present from family) who bought one horse, an Anglo Arab called Scotia, paid for two more with a post-dated cheque, missed a monthly installment on the car to buy another, and borrowed a horse from a friend.

They moved to Newhampshire Farm in March 2001 and had a permanent base for our horses. They were contacted in January 2002 b the SPCA in Mthatha, to adopt and help with rehabilitating 11 horses and ponies.

Since then they have been contacted by members of the SPCA, or gone of our own accord, to either buy or just rescue horses. Newhampshire Farm gives us greater scope, as we have 236 acres, and smaller paddocks to accommodate social groupings of horses.

Supporting the Horses

The beach trails were their only form of income until 4 years ago when a volunteer project was set up. They are a service provider for Buccaneers Backpackers also an international destination for tourism. They have no government funding or sponsorship so the centre is kept going by the trails and volunteers who pay to join us, their financial support covers their board and food and anything left over goes into the ‘kitty’ for the horses. This helps with the cost of rescuing and very often the purchase of the rescued horses, their medication, work by the farrier and dentist, veterinary cost and all the other expenses that come with caring for horses and other animals.



Contact Cintsa on Facebook or visit their website for more information!

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