Vuka Energy Savings, Stanford

The Vuka Energy Savings Project introduces low-income households in South Africa to energy saving methods and technologies. Their aim is for as many households as possible to know about and realise the advantages of, using the energy saving methods and technologies available.

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Energy Saving methods for Low Income households

They currently focus on methods and technologies around food preparation to enable households to cook food using less fuel without having to compromise the nutritional value of the food. They aim to expand this to include other household requirements like insulation, heating, hot water and generating energy.

Mobile units are used to reach rural communities and townships to show people how they can cook food using less fuel, including staple foods like samp mielies and beans that need to be cooked for a substantial length of time.

In addition to introducing energy saving methods and technologies, people are introduced to ideas for creating healthier meals and lifestyles. Cooking clubs are formed in each community and follow up sessions are held.

Ongoing research is vital in order for us to be able to broaden their knowledge of the cost-effective energy-saving technologies and ideas available so that their mobile units can share these with the communities they visit.

Vuka Energy Savings is a straightforward method of bringing the benefits of science and technology directly into the homes of the people who can benefit from it most in a way that they understand, and in a way that has an immediate impact on their daily lives.


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