The Big Pineapple, Bathurst

Visit the world’s largest pineapple in Bathurst, 56 feet tall! When approaching Bathurst, it is like entering a small English village with old buildings, rolling green hills and more pubs than people. The only difference is that on the Sunshine Coast of the Eastern cape weather is amazing all year round and fantastic beaches are located down the road near Port Alfred.

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The world's largest pineapple in Bathurst

“The surrounding area is mostly agricultural land known for its pineapple production. Farmers who settled in the area in the 18th century struggled to successfully grow crops until they began planting pineapples. So, naturally, locals decided to honor the fruit and the sweet earnings it brought by erecting a massive building in its shape. The Big Pineapple was constructed by members of Bathurst’s agricultural community in the 1980s.

The building itself is three stories tall. It’s made of metal and fiberglass and features an observation platform. The inside of the pineapple contains a museum dedicated to the fruit with a variety of pineapple products available for sale.

Though it’s a copycat of a similar fruity structure in Australia, the Big Pineapple is taller by just over two feet and thus claims the title of World’s Largest Pineapple.” Atlas Obscura

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