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Free to BUVZS Members | Student Membership | All Levels | Free & Discounted Courses | Volunteering | Travel Support

This membership plan is available free to the Bristol University Veterinary Zoological Society.

This Membership is ideal for students looking for a gateway to academic research, ongoing content, courses, live support and relevant project updates.

Here’s what you get:

Access to student and academic related content and support – blogs, articles, photos, video footage, live streams, mentoring, free courses and more | Discounts on certain paying courses & Project Shop purchases | Accumulate badges and certificates for courses and online volunteering.

Get a FREE TEP membership by being a BUVZS member.

Here are your steps:

  1. Join the BUVZS Facebook group here for member specific updates.
  2. Join the TEP members community group here for extra opportunities.
  3. Register a TEP account by clicking on the below REGISTER button and filling in your BUVZS details.
  4. We will then verify your account – please allow us some time to set up your account (contact courses@theexpeditionproject.com if you need more information or account assistance).
Current TEP / BUVZS members


  • +User Account
  • +Route Planner
  • +Full Live Stream Access
  • +Full Blog Access
  • +Full Resources Access
  • +Full Certificate Access
  • +Virtual Volunteering Courses
  • +Global Goals Courses
  • +Medium Eco-shop Discounts
  • +20% Conference Discounts
  • +10-50% All Courses Discounts
  • +Variable Live Event Discounts

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This Student Membership plan gives you access to ongoing courses and content relevant to you, your academic research and similar interests.

“They value creating a little community which I really like and I am not 100% sure you’d get that with bigger organisations.” ~ Jordanne, University of Nottingham.

This membership plan is available free to the Bristol University Veterinary Zoological Society – contact courses@theexpeditionproject.com for more details.

2 reviews for BUVZS Membership

  1. Beth (BUVZS)

    Bristol, England

    The Expedition Project is such a forward thinking organisation and is an incredible opportunity for us as students to expand our knowledge of wildlife and conservation, particularly at a time when travel is so difficult. So grab your membership and get as much out of it as possible!

  2. Sophie (BUVZS)

    University of Bristol , England

    The Expedition Project has such a variety of exciting modules that are discounted for members and I can’t wait to work my way through them all! Being able to complete courses relating to species that remain untouched at vet school allows us to explore the world of wildlife medicine in more depth. This membership has so much to offer, and I recommend anyone interested in conservation and wildlife join – it’s free!

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