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This membership plan is available free to the Nottingham University Veterinary Zoological Society.
This Membership is ideal for students looking for a gateway to academic research, ongoing content, courses, live support and relevant project updates.

Here’s what you get:

Access to student and academic related content and support – blogs, articles, photos, video footage, live streams, mentoring, free courses and more | Up to 50% discount on certain paying courses & Project Shop purchases | Accumulate badges and certificates for courses and online volunteering.

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Are you at the University of Nottingham and a member of NUVZS? Then you automatically qualify for a NUVZS Membership with The Expedition Project – giving you access to content relating to conservation, ecology, zoology, veterinary medicine, international development and the Sustainable Development Goals.

This Student Membership plan gives you access to ongoing courses and content relevant to you, your academic research and similar interests.

“They value creating a little community which I really like and I am not 100% sure you’d get that with bigger organisations.” ~ Jordanne, University of Nottingham.

This membership plan is available free to the Nottingham University Veterinary Zoological Society – contact [email protected] for more details.

3 reviews for NUVZS Membership

  1. Izzy (NUVZS)

    Nottingham , United Kingdom

    Having this tool has been so wonderful for all of the NUVZS members. We are extremely lucky to have this partnership with the expedition project and it provides all NUVZS members with member privileges and hence access to all of the courses for a reduced price which makes all of the information extremely accessible.

    The wildlife vet online courses are so wonderful as they provide an opportunity for you to learn from a renowned wildlife vet and give you an introduction to the background on wildlife species. All of the courses are broken down into thoughtful topics and all of the material is accessible to you in the future.

    It is also wonderful to have the opportunity to hear from Dr Peter Rogers on a monthly basis via the live streams. It allows you to consolidate your knowledge and also gives a really fun and interesting way to learn when online learning is getting a bit too much!

  2. Madeline (NUVZS)

    Nottingham, United Kingdom

    I have loved having this membership! It has helped me learn so much on all the different courses! Roger is always incredibly friendly and ready to talk and answer any questions you might have. Dr Peter Rogers has been amazing to learn from and his monthly talk / Q&As have really helped further my university learning.

  3. Izabella (NUVZS)

    Nottingham, United Kingdom

    I have been really enjoying the Wildlife Vet Online courses! They are really well organised, easy to follow and have great downloadable fact sheets so you can refer back to the information if you need it in the future. The NUVZS membership makes the courses really affordable and it’s wonderful being able to access the content from home whenever it works for you.

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