African Lion Surgery – Live Event (Wildlife Vet Online)

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African Lion Surgery – Live Event (2.5 hours).

“Through a series of live, collaborative events, we aim to bring you even closer to the African bush. Working with film productions teams, like Painted Dog TV, and Wildlife Veterinarians from Provet Wildlife Services, our live events form part of our Wildlife Vet Online course and can be watched both live and on-demand (replay).” ~ Roger, The Expedition Project Founder

Live event background

The live event is part of a series of modules in the Wildlife Vet Online range.

African Lion Surgery – Live Event includes: Tranquillisation, Transport and Surgery. This is an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at a surgery from start to finish.

Meet your teachers

Dr Debbie English

Dr Debbie English joined the ProVet Team in January 2020 – she has a talent for surgeries…as you will see!

Dr Peter Rogers BVSc

“I have been a wildlife vet since the 1980s and I have seen a lot!

I cannot wait to share my experience as well as some stories with you!”

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