• Biomimicry As a Way of Being (Biomimicry Online)

    11 Lessonsin
    • Biomimicry As a Way of Being (Biomimicry Online) - £29.99 £19.99

    Sue Swain’s (BioWise) “Introduction to Biomimicry as a Way of Being” is Module 1 of the Biomimicry Online Series.

  • African Elephants - Part 1 (Wildlife Vet Online)

    19 Lessonsin
    • African Elephants - Part 1 (Wildlife Vet Online) - £44.99

    African Elephants - Part 1 includes: Introduction to the Species, Immobilization, Anaesthetics, Initial Treatments, Treatment Problems, Transportation.

  • Pangolins (Wildlife Vet Online)

    21 Lessonsin
    • Pangolins (Wildlife Vet Online) - £59.99

    Pangolins includes: Introduction to the species, Anti-poaching; Community Education, Drugs and Treatments; Specialised Equipment, Rescue and Recovery; Feeding and Care, Re-release.

  • Large Carnivores (Ecology Online)

    14 Lessonsin
    • Ecology and Large Carnivore Introduction (Ecology Online) - £29.99

    Large Carnivores includes the animals: African Wild Dog, Brown Hyena, Cheetah, Leopard, Lion, Spotted Hyena and the topics including – Common Terms; Population Research – Goals, Call-Ups, Cameras, Spoor and Scat Counts, Collars, Species Recognition; Diet Research – Scat, Direct Observations, Histology, Meta-Barcoding; and more.

  • African Rhinos - Part 2 (Wildlife Vet Online)

    15 Lessonsin
    • African Rhinos - Part 2 (Wildlife Vet Online) - £44.99

    Rhino Revolution 2 includes: Anti-poaching and De-horning; Emergency Wound Care; Specialised Equipment, Rhino Rescue and Recovery; Rhino Orphans.

  • African Rhinos - Part 1 (Wildlife Vet Online)

    22 Lessonsin
    • African Rhinos - Part 1 (Wildlife Vet Online) - £59.99

    Rhino Revolution 1 includes: Rhino Immobilization; Darting Equipment; Species Considerations; Treatment Procedures, Drugs and Equipment.

  • Cheetahs (Wildlife Vet Online)

    18 Lessonsin
    • Cheetahs (Wildlife Vet Online) - £49.99

    Cheetah Management includes: Neonatal Mortalities, Vitamin Deficiencies and Supplements; Anaesthetics; Relocation; Darting Systems and Techniques; DNA Testing and Sampling; Vaccination Programs; Diseases and Treatments; Internal and External Parasites; Control Antibiotics; Orphan Rearing.

  • Animal Identification (Junior Wildlife Vet)

    46 Lessonsin
    • Animal Identification (Junior Wildlife Vet) - £19.99

    Animal Identification includes: Introductions to Vets In-Training; Animal Anatomy and Skulls, Animal Sounds, Animal Scat and Poo, Animal Tracks and Tracking, World Renown Wildlife Vets, Wildlife Conservation Projects.

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