• Marine Dynamics (Conservation In Action)

    34 Lessonsin
    • Marine Dynamics (Conservation In Action) - £9.99

    Marine Dynamics includes: Project Wildlife; Project Ecology; Community Education; Working at Marine Dynamics; Conservation Tourism; and more.

  • Nature's Valley Trust (Conservation In Action)

    39 Lessonsin
    • Natures Valley Trust (Conservation In Action) - £9.99

    Natures Valley Trust includes: Project Wildlife; Project Ecology; Community Education; Working at NVT; Conservation Tourism; and more.

  • African Elephants - Part 1 (Wildlife Vet Online)

    19 Lessonsin
    • African Elephants - Part 1 (Wildlife Vet Online) - £44.99

    African Elephants - Part 1 includes: Introduction to the Species, Immobilization, Anaesthetics, Initial Treatments, Treatment Problems, Transportation.

  • Pangolins (Wildlife Vet Online)

    21 Lessonsin
    • Pangolins (Wildlife Vet Online) - £59.99

    Pangolins includes: Introduction to the species, Anti-poaching; Community Education, Drugs and Treatments; Specialised Equipment, Rescue and Recovery; Feeding and Care, Re-release.

  • Environmental Education (Amakhala Foundation)

    • Environmental Education (Amakhala Foundation) - £9.99

    Amakhala Foundation includes: This virtual course will cover introductions, lessons, quizzes and tasks based on the foundation’s work in the fields of Literacy, Health, Environmental Education and Arts.

  • Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (Conservation In Action)

    17 Lessonsin
    • Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (Conservation In Action) - £9.99

    Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre includes: Centre Wildlife; Centre Ecology; Community Education; Working at HESC; Conservation Tourism; and more.

  • Large Carnivores (Ecology Online)

    14 Lessonsin
    • Ecology and Large Carnivore Introduction (Ecology Online) - £29.99

    Large Carnivores includes the animals: African Wild Dog, Brown Hyena, Cheetah, Leopard, Lion, Spotted Hyena and the topics including – Common Terms; Population Research – Goals, Call-Ups, Cameras, Spoor and Scat Counts, Collars, Species Recognition; Diet Research – Scat, Direct Observations, Histology, Meta-Barcoding; and more.

  • Climate Change (Conservation Kids)

    8 Lessonsin
    • Climate Change (Conservation Kids) - £4.99

    Enter into the causes, effects and solutions to Climate Change! Join us on an online journey to learn about one of the most important topics of our time and some of the factors changing our world today...and tomorrow.

  • African Rhinos - Part 2 (Wildlife Vet Online)

    15 Lessonsin
    • African Rhinos - Part 2 (Wildlife Vet Online) - £44.99

    Rhino Revolution 2 includes: Anti-poaching and De-horning; Emergency Wound Care; Specialised Equipment, Rhino Rescue and Recovery; Rhino Orphans.

  • African Rhinos - Part 1 (Wildlife Vet Online)

    22 Lessonsin
    • African Rhinos - Part 1 (Wildlife Vet Online) - £59.99

    Rhino Revolution 1 includes: Rhino Immobilization; Darting Equipment; Species Considerations; Treatment Procedures, Drugs and Equipment.

  • The FOOD Project (Virtual Volunteering)

    8 Lessonsin
    • The FOOD Project (Virtual Volunteering) - £29.99

    In this course you will discover unique South African organisations that work tirelessly to make a meaningful difference in their communities. You will also have the opportunity to support them in real life, by creating material that will enable them to address specific challenges.

  • Cheetahs (Wildlife Vet Online)

    18 Lessonsin
    • Cheetahs (Wildlife Vet Online) - £49.99

    Cheetah Management includes: Neonatal Mortalities, Vitamin Deficiencies and Supplements; Anaesthetics; Relocation; Darting Systems and Techniques; DNA Testing and Sampling; Vaccination Programs; Diseases and Treatments; Internal and External Parasites; Control Antibiotics; Orphan Rearing.

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