Flagships of Southern Africa (Nkonzo Wildlife Research)


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Nkonzo Wildlife Research‘s Flagships of Southern Africa is an Introductory Level course, dedicated to ten of the most iconic species in Southern Africa: African Buffalo, African Elephant, Lion, African Leopard, White Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, Temminck’s Pangolin, Giraffe, African Wild Dog, Cheetah. We cover what makes them a Flagship species and what they contribute to their ecosystem.

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The course introduces each species by covering the basic biology such as communication strategies, distribution, and taxonomic classification.

The conservation status of each species is expanded to include major threats, projects for their protection and research publications about their behaviour.

Each chapter covers the biology, distribution, and most importantly; conservation status. Learn about the major threats to the species survival and projects currently underway to protect wild populations. The course also covers scientific research on each species to see what scientists have to say!

The Flagships of Southern Africa course is ideal for anyone interested in the conservation value or status of Africa’s most well-known species.

All lectures and information is provided in text format through PDF documents on the online platform. Quizzes are completed online.

Pass the course with a score of 90% or higher and receive your Certificate of Accomplishment from Nkonzo Wildlife Research!


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