Love Life HIV Centres, South Africa

Love Life is a non-profit organisation who addresses the individual, societal and structural drivers of high-risk behaviour by combining multimedia campaigns, community-level outreach, clinical and psycho-social services. They promote a vibrant, youth leadership culture through on-the-ground healthy sexuality and positive lifestyle programmes which are aimed at building complete young leaders for an HIV-free future.

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Reducing HIV risk among South Africa's youth

Their programmes have an evidence-based record in reducing HIV risk among youth. Their Centre is a multipurpose hub for youth that works with a network of communities in their immediate vicinities. They have leadership programmes implemented by a national youth volunteer corps known as groundBREAKERs and ‘mpintshis’ or volunteers.

The fact that we touch and access 1.5 million young people around the country is a huge opportunity, and we have to see how we can use that platform to generate revenue but without over commercialising the organisation.

loveLife is uniquely positioned to craft interventions that address social ills and provide youth leadership. With our spread, experience and ability to train and with a reach and footprint that very few other organisations can boast, we are uniquely placed to address the issues that affect our youth. We understand what these issues are and what needs to be done to bridge the gap between hopelessness and a future that is vibrant and ready to be snatched

To achieve our goals, loveLife has had to fundamentally change its way of doing business– the world has changed around us and the base of support that in the past was a given, is no longer guaranteed.

loveLife is significantly reliant on government for its funding, but government itself is under significant budgetary constraints. A key objective for the organisation is changing this weighting from a 90 odd percent reliance on government to more of a balance between the private and government sectors.

Partnerships are key to the survival of the organisation.

Understanding that the task at hand is greater than one organisation we are looking to develop key partnerships with like-minded businesses and other civil society organisations both locally and on the continent, by 2017 we hope to be active in at least three African countries, excluding South Africa.


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