Umkhondo Big 5 Wildlife Volunteering, Albertinia

Umkhondo Big 5 Wildlife Volunteering offers an escape for the ordinary and a month-long immersion and personal interaction with some of the most charismatic mammals in Africa, brought by a team of passionate and experienced wildlife staff. The allows up-close experiences with wild lions, elephants, buffalo, rhinos, and possibly the rarely occurring leopards, as well as other South African wildlife – all within malaria-free, private game reserves, to get to know Africa’s unique wildlife in a safe, controlled and responsible manner.

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Their program is a once in a lifetime opportunity for aspiring wildlife conservationists or nature enthusiasts.  The program will demand much from participants, mentally and physically; however, the demands are well within the capabilities of most volunteers, and whilst being challenging, is both enjoyable and exciting.  It is an opportunity to learn invaluable new skills, experience Africa’s unique environment and wildlife, be part of the difference that returns the environment to its natural, original state.

Wildlife & Conservation Volunteering | Wildlife Capture and Care Training | Tracking, Animal behaviour & Wildlife management Training


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