110 Days to Go!


A big week lay ahead of us on Monday 5 September 2011, It was the final countdown to the launch of our website, the Rugby World Cup was due to start in New Zealand in which South Africa would be defending their title as 2007 RWC champions and the week would close on the anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy (today).

While Roger prepared for a presentation with Nedbank’s regional manager on Wednesday, Jam Factory frantically put the finishing touches to what would be an awesome website!

Unfortunately, as fate would have it, Roger didn’t manage to do his presentation with Nedbank, it was postponed to the following week and another week would remain the team’s anticipation over what will or won’t be The EXPEDITION Project’s main sponsor. Nedbank where identified early on as a preferred project partner, only time will tell if this becomes fact!

We did however manage to meet with Desiree from ‘Stars in Their Eyes‘, a dutch funded company that promotes sports coaching and development in South Africa. It was a positive meeting with some sort of partnership forthcoming!

We hope you enjoyed our build-up to our website launch with some memorable moments in history (http://on.fb.me/oxh3QR). If you missed it here are some of the events and clips we showed:

  1. Severn Suzuki -1992: The girl who silenced the world at the U.N. for 5 minutes
  2. Winston Churchill -1940: The man who assured a nation that they shall never surrender
  3. John F. Kennedy -1961: The man who asked what you can do for your country!
  4. Nelson Mandela -1964:The man who was prepared to die for his vision!
  5. Earth Rise -1968: The most influential environmental photograph ever taken!
  6. Tiananmen Square -1989: Revival of the world’s image of courage!
  7. Martin Luther King -1963: The man who had a dream!
  8. Rugby World Cup -1995: The team that brought a nation to its feet!
  9. In the words of the winning captain of the 1995 Rugby World Cup Jacobus François Pienaar: “We don’t have 60 thousand South Africans behind us, we have 43 million behind us” In The EXPEDITION Project’s case we hope to have the world – all 7 billion behind us! Ambitious?…Never!

While looking back at the New York tragedy of 11th September 2001, it occurred to me that it takes big events be they tragic or historic to wake up a nation or population. We may never know if 9/11 was orchestrated by the US in ways described by the Zeitgeist film makers, however, what we do know is that the common man so often gets caught up in political agendas, and how tragic was it to be caught up in this one? Our hearts go out to the families of all involved.

That being said – we, at The EXPEDITION Project, believe that NOW is the time to make your voice heard and carry forth our generation as the one that made all the difference. The generation that challenged the current course the Earth is on, as dictated by the powers that be. The generation that stood up and said ” We count, we matter, we can make a difference!

The week ahead is once again a big one – we always seem to say that but it’s true, we promise! The EXPEDITION Project team will be FINALLY presenting to Nedbank, South African Tourism and the University of Cape Town (UCT). The week will also comprise proposing some featured articles in local newspapers and magazines as well as radio talk shows in order to gain some much-needed publicity.

That’s it for this week, but…

Until next week!

The EXPEDITION Project Team,

Cape Town, South Africa

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