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A breakdown of TEP in the lead-up to TEP2012…

  • What is The EXPEDITION Project?

The EXPEDITION Project is a revolutionary mediator that combines Corporate Social Investment with the power of the media. It identifies and evaluates investment opportunities at a grassroots level to create a perfect match between your business and social initiatives. It yields exceptional returns by publicising your CSI activities through media campaigns that promote meaningful consumer engagement. Its strong focus on collaboration eliminates the need for competition and empowers all businesses and individuals to make a meaningful, sustainable difference in the future. 

  • Simplicity of Involvement

You would be able to identify your company or organisation’s key focus areas, as in essence, you would be able to manage your Corporate Social Investment project, however without the administration. The operations and coordination would be taken care of by The EXPEDITION Project. A real win-win situation!

  •  Benefits of Collaboration?

In return, you would receive coverage within our documentaries, television series, social media campaigns, publications as well as numerous merchandise developed in conjunction with you. You would get far more media coverage for your Corporate Social Investment contributions and hence far more presence.

  •  The credibility of the Project and Founder

Previous projects include – Co-Director of South African Tourism Award Winning Organisation Edge of Africa 2008-2011.

  • Next Steps?

In order to fully explain the benefits and potential of a project with such scope, a presentation and discussion would be essential. Please contact us at i[email protected]  in order for us to describe exactly how this would be a rewarding collaboration.

Roger Wynne-Dyke

i[email protected]   

The EXPEDITION Project   

September 2011

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