Volunteer Membership

£0.00 / year and a £1.00 sign-up fee

Our Volunteer Membership is your gateway to virtual volunteering and in-person volunteering as well as ongoing content, courses, support and project updates.

Here’s what you get:

Access to volunteer related content – blogs, articles, mentoring, free courses and more | Discounts on certain paying courses & Project Shop purchases | Priority project support before, during and after your adventure | Exclusive deals and discounts with our accommodation and restaurant partners | Trip support, planning and advice.

Limited availability of this introductory offer!
£1 sign-up/processing fee needed.


Are you looking to volunteer either online or in-person? Would you simply like to help where you can with what you have and learn some new skills while you do it?

Then this FREE membership plan for you!

Our Volunteer Membership plan gives you access to ongoing courses and content relevant to online and in-person volunteering, ways to develop your skills and interests, and things you can do at home, at work and with your friends and family to protect our planet and all who live on it.


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