Pangolin Series (Kids in the Wild)


6 hours | 37 lessons | Beginner | Pre-Teen Courses | Tarry Myers | Kids in the Wild Online series

Do your kids have a love for nature and all things wild and wonderful? If so, they are sure to love the Pangolin Education Series for kids! This series is packed with assignments, quizzes, games, and more. Plus, at the end of the series, your child will receive a certificate to show their friends.

This course consists of 12 modules designed for 8-12-year-old kids. In these modules, you will learn about the theory of life, geology, climate, weather, climate change, biomes, South African facts, African animals, astronomy, how to be a field guide or game ranger, mammals, animal behaviour, birds, reptiles, arthropods, amphibians, marine life and more.

Kids in the Wild’s Pangolin Course includes:

  • On-demand Course
  • 37 Pre-recorded Lectures
  • 12 Modules
  • FGASA Junior Membership (valued at R1,240)
  • FGASA Certificate
  • KITW Course Certificate
  • KITW Quiz Certificate
  • Pangolin Learner Manual
  • Pangolin Workbook (Theory 1 & Theory 2)
  • Games/Puzzles/Theory Worksheets and Practical Assessments (after each module)
  • 37 Quizzes
  • Reward Badges
Endorsed by The Field Guides Association of Southern Africa
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Kids In The Wild in partnership with The Field Guides Association of Southern Africa brings you the new and improved Pangolin Series for kids ages 8 to 12 years old.

A year in the making, the Pangolin Series has finally hit our bookshelves and computers.

This course offers both self-study and on-demand study options that will be adopted in many homes and schools. It has been a very exciting journey and we are privileged to work with FGASA to bring you a beautifully illustrated and informative learner manual as well as a two-section practical workbook that will keep your little guide captivated and wanting to learn as much about our natural world as they can.

The 12 modules will take learners on a wonderful journey with the hope that they will be curious and responsible in contributing to making a difference in our natural world. We also hope this will generate an interest in pursuing a future in Tourism, Guiding and Conservation.

All of this information is available online from the comfort of your own home, so your little bush lovers can learn at their own pace and in their own time. With this series, your little guide will become more knowledgeable about the world around them and develop a love for nature.

This course is designed to give your kids a well-rounded education on all things related to the natural world. We’ll start with the basics in the first module, covering topics like the theory of life and geology. Then we’ll move on to climate and weather, Africa, astronomy, and so on. With each module, your kids will learn more about the world around them and develop a greater appreciation for nature.

One of the great things about this course is that it’s all available online. That means your little guides can learn at their own pace and in their own time. With just the click of a button, your kids will be transported on an educational adventure with all the amazing animals and biodiversity that surround us.

If you have any questions, there are forums available where you can ask questions and get help from other kids or instructors who are taking the series. So dive in and start learning today!

Whether you want to spend a few hours each week or devote an entire day to learning, it’s up to you. And since all the information is presented in an engaging and easy-to-understand way, you’re sure to get a lot out of it.

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