Pangolins (Wildlife Vet Online)


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This course is ideal for veterinary students as well as other biosciences like ecology, zoology and wildlife conservation.

Dr Peter Rogers’ (BVSc) Pangolins includes: Introduction to the species, Anti-poaching; Community Education, Drugs and Treatments; Specialised Equipment, Rescue and Recovery; Feeding and Care, Re-release. With Contributions by Julia Rugheimer and the Zululand Conservation Trust.

Pangolins (3-4 hours) – Clinical EMS, Optional Extra Credits, Certificates (Members only), Additional Resources and Downloads (Members only).

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This mini-course is part of a collection of modules in the Wildlife Vet series.

Courses in the Wildlife Vet Online category include the animals – Cheetah, Elephant, Lion, Pangolin, Rhino, Wild Dog, and more.

We help vet students get EMS credits without travelling, by presenting online courses for you to do at your own pace.

These courses are designed as an online version of some of the hands-on experiences available with projects like Hoedspruit Endangered Species CentreAmakhala Game Reserve and Zululand Rhino Orphanage, and the hands-off, conservation support experiences available with projects like Kariega Conservation and Sibuya Wilderness Experience – where volunteers and students will be involved with reserve and sanctuary management and wildlife conservation in South Africa.

“I hadn’t realised how difficult pangolin conservation and medicine is until completing this course! Dr Rogers works tirelessly to ensure that every pangolin which comes into his care is looked after and the fact that he has been able to share his wisdom and the things he has learnt with us as budding vet conservationists is really amazing. So much that I didn’t know which I can now take forward with me into the future which will make me a better wildlife vet.” ~ Joanna, University of Edinburgh
“I want a pursue a career as a wildlife vet so feel that this course has been invaluable. I absolutely loved it!” ~ Chloe, Royal Veterinary College, London

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