Pangolins (Wildlife Vet Online)

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4 hours | 21 lessons | Intermediate | Veterinary Students | Dr Peter Rogers (BVSc) | Wildlife Vet Online series

This mini-course, presented by Dr Peter Rogers (BVSc), is part of our Wildlife Vet Online series. It is ideal for students of veterinary science and other biosciences like ecology, zoology and wildlife conservation.

This course includes:

  • 3 hours on-demand video
  • 1 hour extra resources
  • Full access while a member
  • Certificate of completion

What you’ll learn:

  • Comprehend scenarios and research on pangolin
  • Comprehend best practices of pangolin management
  • Learn about tried and tested veterinary medicine

Course Topics:

  • Introduction to the species
  • Anti-poaching
  • Community Education
  • Drugs and Treatments
  • Specialised Equipment
  • Rescue and Recovery
  • Feeding and Care
  • Release in the Wild
  • Contributions by Julia Rugheimer, Leno Sierra and the Zululand Conservation Trust

Course Outcomes:

  • 3 to 4 hours of Clinical EMS, certified by Dr Rogers
  • Optional Extra Credits
  • Certificates (not for free membership plans)
  • Additional Resources and Downloads (not for free membership plans)


  • You should be able to use a PC at a beginner level.
  • An interest in veterinary medicine would be an advantage.
  • An interest in wildlife conservation would be an advantage.

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals with a passion for nature and the environment.
  • Students of veterinary medicine.
  • Professionals who want to gain knowledge about wildlife conservation / veterinary medicine.

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We help vet students get EMS credits without travelling, by presenting self-paced online courses in collaboration with wildlife veterinarians, ecologists, and game reserves in South Africa.

About your Teacher:

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Peter Rogers is considered one of the most experienced wildlife veterinarians in the world. He specializes in the capture and veterinary care of some of South Africa’s most endangered species, including the southern white rhinoceros, black rhinoceros, African elephant, cheetah, African wild dog, African lion, Temminck’s ground pangolin, and many other species. Read more about his work here.

About Wildlife Vet Online:

These courses are designed to be online versions of selected wildlife medicine experiences available in South Africa. We’ve collaborated with projects to create a practical road trip in the form of the Wildlife Vet Experience, an exclusive package just for training vets and vet nurses that is both affordable and of high quality. It’s built around our principles of collaboration, credibility, and accessibility by connecting communities and exceptional projects and experts while not sacrificing some of the fantastic food and accommodation that South Africa has to offer. In this way, we’re able to provide both practical and theoretical instruction, covering veterinary treatment as well as sanctuary management and wildlife conservation.

Topics include:
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Animal Identification and Tracking Techniques
  • Anti-Poaching
  • Antibiotics and Supportive Medication
  • Capture Equipment and Methods
  • Conservation and Wildlife Education in the Community
  • Game Reserve Management
  • Modern Conservation
  • Orphan Rearing
  • Parasites
  • Ranger and Vet Stories
  • Rhino Dehorning, poaching, etc.
  • Safety Practices
  • Sanctuaries, Rehabilitation, and Rescue Centres
  • Tranquilizers, Sedatives, and Opioids
  • Wildlife and Field Management

Other mini-courses in this category delve into the care and protection of cheetahs, African elephants, African lions, rhinos, wild dogs, and more.

About our learners:

“I hadn’t realised how difficult pangolin conservation and medicine is until completing this course! Dr Rogers works tirelessly to ensure that every pangolin which comes into his care is looked after and the fact that he has been able to share his wisdom and the things he has learnt with us as budding vet conservationists is really amazing. So much that I didn’t know which I can now take forward with me into the future which will make me a better wildlife vet.” ~ Joanna, University of Edinburgh
“I want a pursue a career as a wildlife vet so feel that this course has been invaluable. I absolutely loved it!” ~ Chloe, Royal Veterinary College, London

11 reviews for Pangolins (Wildlife Vet Online)

  1. Yashaswini (RVCZS)

    Royal Veterinary College, London, United Kingdom

    my favorite module of the bunch! such a privelege to be able to hear Dr. Rogers talk about pangolin medicine, especially considering it is essentially a new and evolving field and very few people have knowledge about pangolins the way he does. Really wonderful to see his process of scientific discovery and get his insight on the challenging landscape that is pangolin conservation.

  2. Nirvana (DVWCS) (verified owner)

    RDSVS, Edinburgh, Scotland

    Pangolins are fascinating, more than I could’ve ever realised before this course. Although they might not hit the front pages like rhinos or elephants, huge numbers of pangolins suffer every day at the hands of wildlife traffickers. Realising how little is actually known about pangolins has made me appreciate how sometimes “trial and error” is an inevitable part of working with such a unique species and how it’s important to reflect on those experiences to better care for our patients. Another outstanding course – thank you Dr. Rogers!

  3. Katrina (DVWCS) (verified owner)

    RDSVS, Edinburgh, Scotland

    This course introduced an amazing species and clearly outlines the risks to its conservation. Dr. Peter Rogers brings in a lot of valuable information about their care and physical assessment and you can see how these practices have come about from trial and error approaches with pangolins and other wildlife. Probably my favourite wildlife vet module so far but I can’t wait to embark on more courses with Dr. Rogers

  4. Joanna Elizabeth (DVWCS) (verified owner)

    RDSVS, Edinburgh, Scotland

    A brilliant course which linked the conservation issues surrounding pangolins and their trafficking as well as outlining the veterinary side of their care. Again Dr Peters and The Expedition Project have created a to-the-point and easy to follow course which allows veterinary students from any background to enhance their learning and grow their love and passion for wildlife alongside understanding and gaining knowledge of both the veterinary and conservation challenges faced by the people who work with these amazing animals.

  5. Edsel (DVWCS) (verified owner)

    RDSVS, Edinburgh, Scotland

    It can’t be stressed enough that pangolins are easily stressed – this course wonderfully and helpfully combines the harsh reality of trafficking and the subsequent conditions of which such pangolins are presented in, with therefore the considerations from a veterinary standpoint, not forgetting the importance of education. A new feature I discovered here, being the second course I completed with the Wildlife Vet Online series, is the availability of a worksheet for me to work through a clinical case in. Doesn’t sound very appealing at first, but given the current circumstances the pandemic wrought, working through it felt as if I was there, learning and applying my current veterinary knowledge to an exotic and beloved patient.

  6. Andreah (RVCZS) (verified owner)

    Royal Veterinary College, London, United Kingdom

    Such a wonderful introduction to pangolin conservation. The course gives you a great mix of the wildlife perspective, Dr. Rogers vast experience, and lots of educational material. The course is broken down into topics making that it is easy to understand and learn. Once the course is purchased you own it, meaning you have the opportunity to go back and revise or reference the material! I loved this course and am looking forward to completing more courses with the Expedition Project!

  7. Madeline (NUVZS) (verified owner)

    Nottingham, United Kingdom

    Pangolins are such a rare species and it isn’t often you can hear from someone with this much knowledge around them. This course is an incredible opportunity to learn about a species which you may normally never hear about. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Dr Peter Rogers talk about all his tips and tricks on the best ways to treat pangolins and how to approach medical problems of such an unknown species.

  8. Josh (NUVZS) (verified owner)

    Nottingham, United Kingdom

    This course gave a very comprehensive introduction to a species about which I knew next to nothing. It was very interesting seeing how regular small animal clinical procedures are applied to such unusual animals. I was impressed with the knowledge that Dr Rogers has when it comes to such a rare species and his expert advise on safe treatment and rehabilitation of pangolins will surely be of great help to anyone interested in going into pangolin medicine.

  9. Izabella (NUVZS) (verified owner)

    Nottingham , United Kingdom

    I absolutely loved this course! It was my first Wildlife Vet Online course and I felt it provided a wealth of knowledge on pangolin veterinary care. I liked the way the course was structured because it felt like I was following the stages of a pangolin’s veterinary care from admission to release! It’s also great that you can go through it at your own pace and stop and come back whenever works for you. The interactive questions sheet is great for consolidating your learning and the downloadable fact sheets are perfect for if you ever want to go back and refresh your knowledge. Definitely recommend this course if you are interested in Pangolins!

  10. Nadine Tod (verified owner)


    Absolutely loved this course! You gain such great insights and valualble information on the management and medical care of this rare species. Dr Rogers walks you through every step of pangolin rescue and rehabilitation, which makes this course so worthwile.

  11. Layla Ruggles (verified owner)

    I’ve learned so much doing this course! I didn’t know much at all about Pangolins prior to doing this course, other than they were the most trafficked animal in the world, and now have a rounded understanding of how to examine a pangolin that has been rescued, what type of treatment you can give them, and what’s involved in the husbandry of keeping a pangolin!

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