Rediscovering Our Planet (Biomimicry Online)


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This course is ideal for those passionate about our world and the sustainable possibilities, as well as students involved with biomimicry, engineering and bioscience studies and fields relating to wildlife conservation & environmental management.

Have you ever looked at a termite and seen an architect? Have you ever looked at a tree and wondered how it thrives rooted to the spot? Have you ever looked at a forest and seen lessons for living? Have you ever looked at a landfill site and thought “there must be a better way”?  Do the words “A sustainable world already exists” (Janine Benyus) make you prick up your ears?

Whether your answers are yes or no, if these questions have piqued your interest, sparked your curiosity, or made you pause even if just for a moment, then this journey of discovery is for you!  Whoever you are and whatever you do.

Sue Swain’s (BioWise)Rediscovering Our Planet” takes us on a journey of discovering afresh ourselves, our planetary home, the genius of the species with whom we share this home, and the art of learning from this genius to uncover the secrets to living wisely and well on earth. The practice of biomimicry as a way of life involves a new way of viewing, valuing and engaging with the natural world and it’s a course for everyone who recognises the need to live differently and would like to know how.

Module 2: Rediscovering Our Planet (2 hours plus optional extras) – Becoming Earth-Savvy

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This mini-course is part of a collection of modules in our online Biomimicry series?

Biomimicry Online topics include: Understand the ethos of biomimicry, Explore, celebrate and appreciate Nature’s earth-savvy genius, Learn the art of donning new lenses enabling us to see and think differently, Develop the art of asking the questions that really matter, Develop the skill of seeing the bigger picture, connecting the dots, thinking in systems, Discover and unpack the secrets to a sustainable world (Life’s Principles), Assess and evaluate existing biomimicry innovations against Nature’s models, Discuss the concept of ecological niche, the role of keystone species, and the concept of regenerative living, and more!

Complementing existing online biomimicry courses out there, this course/mini-course serves as an in-depth introduction to Nature’s genius and the concept of biomimicry and focuses on developing the skills to think and act as effective biomimics and earth-savvy citizens. It is designed in such a way that you will develop, use and hone these skills throughout the course …learning by doing without even realizing you’re learning, as happens in Nature.  

This course is invaluable:

  • – as a pre-cursor to studying biomimicry as an innovation and design methodology;
  • – as a means to deepen your connection and engaging with the living world,
  • – as a means to broadening one’s horizons, perspectives and understanding of the system of which we are part and
  • – as a means of developing the critical thinking and system’s thinking skills needed to solve our sustainability challenges and
  • – as a means of understanding what it means to live wisely and well within our planetary home and how to do so


Biomimicry Online is a journey of discovery into Nature’s genius and the concept and practice of biomimicry.

Biomimicry offers a fresh perspective and a new way of seeing and thinking.  It questions our current perception of Nature as merely a warehouse of resources to extract from at will and offers a fascinating alternative – viewing Nature rather as a ‘library of solutions we can learn from’ (Janine Benyus). More than that though, biomimicry recognizes the evolved wisdom behind the patterns, processes and principles found in the living world and provides us with Nature’s time-tested blueprint for thriving on earth. Through biomimicry, a new way of doing and being awaits us.

As part of this experience, we also offer you the opportunity to be part of establishing a community of thought leaders, change-makers and action-takers for positive transformative change.

On this journey, you will discover and experience the art of looking at Nature differently, you will develop a newfound respect and awe for the natural world, you will discover, celebrate and learn how to learn from Nature’s genius, you will be given a fresh perspective that will open up opportunities to think differently, to act differently and to live more fully.  And you will be empowered to do so. Through our partners/sister organisations, you could embark on further courses, be it learning the Biomimicry Design Methodology and Process, doing a Masters in Biomimicry, doing courses in permaculture, food forest gardening or Syntropic agriculture.


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