New Online Course Release: Biomimicry As A Way Of Being

Biomimicry Online is a journey of discovery into Nature’s genius and the concept and practice of biomimicry. We focus not on biomimicry as an approach to innovation, but instead as a way of being, a way of life.

About this course

  • 126 lessons
  • 14 hours of video content

Course checklist

A pre-cursor to studying biomimicry as an innovation and design methodology. A means to deepen your connection and engaging with the living world. A means to broadening one’s horizons, perspectives and understanding of the system of which we are part. A means of developing the critical thinking and system’s thinking skills needed to solve our sustainability challenges. A means of understanding what it means to live wisely and well within our planetary home and how to do so.

  • Text Lessons (on-demand)
  • Video Lessons (on-demand)
  • Lesson Transcripts (on-demand)
  • Exercises (on-demand)
  • Quizzes (on-demand)
  • Q&A Sessions (on demand)
  • Completion Certificate

Lead Course Instructor

Sue Swain

Sue started practising Biomimicry in 1992 when working for an environmental education centre at Cape Point. Here, she questioned why we described nature, rather than learning from nature. Since then, Sue has worked hard to set up BioWise where she is still the executive director and, through education, encourages everyone to live a waste-free, interdependent, resourceful, resilient and regenerative lifestyle.

Re-connect with nature, starting today

“Start learning from nature’s models today!”

~ Sue Swain

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