Wildlife Vet Online Live 12

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Recorded: 7th September 2021

LIVE with world renown wildlife vet, Dr Peter Rogers BVSc.

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Primary collaborators:

Nottingham – Nottingham University Veterinary Zoological Society

Edinburgh – Dick Vet Wildlife Conservation Society

London – RVC Zoological Society

Secondary collaborators:

Bristol – Bristol University Veterinary Zoological Society

Liverpool – Liverpool University Veterinary Zoological Society

Glasgow – Glasgow University Veterinary Zoological Society

Worldwide – International Veterinary Students Association – Wild & Exotic Animals Community

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14 responses to “Wildlife Vet Online Live 12”

  1. Roger says:

    Post your questions right here before, during or after our livestream and we will aim to answer them!

  2. Izzy (NUVZS) says:

    I was wondering in pack dogs whether the ability for pseudopregnancies allowed other dogs to support the alpha females (/pregnant females) pups with milk and ‘babysit’ for her or whether this was not actually done.

  3. Izzy (NUVZS) says:

    Are Wild Dogs less popular as a species in terms of conservation efforts and if so for what reasons?

  4. Izzy (NUVZS) says:

    With habitat loss, is it difficult to balance the remaining conservation areas between the top predators such as Lions, Hyaenas and wild dogs and do you face many/any problems with this?

  5. Izzy (NUVZS) says:

    UK wildcat populations, interactions between domestic cats and wildcat populations increases the spread of fatal diseases. Is this a problem seen with African wild dogs and the domestic dog population?

  6. Nicole (IVSA) says:

    Compared to other wild dog species such as a coyote which have a stable population, why do you think African Wild Dogs have become endangered? Is it from competition with multiple other large carnivores in combination with anthropological causes? Or do you believe it to be something else?

  7. Nicole (IVSA) says:

    In the video the dog is checked for a microchip. What purposes do these chips serve? Are they used for general population tracking and identification, or do specific African Wild Dogs ‘belong’ to certain reserves?

  8. Orla (LUVZS) says:

    Following medical intervention, is rehabilitation difficult in this species? Are other members of the pack supportive of the sick/weak individuals or will they be left behind/rejected?

  9. Nicole (IVSA) says:

    At the beginning of the video we discussed the temperature being high and how you would not typically go out and work in high temperatures unless it was an emergency. With this in mind, do you use different drug combinations to help manage the risk of the animal overheating during a necessary procedure?

  10. Max (RVCZS) says:

    Could you elaborate a bit more on the safety of the BAM tranquilizer compound which you use? With the reversals and azaperone, is it still necessary to monitor the animal during the procedure to ensure there’s no adverse effects and drastic changes in vitals due to the butorphanol and medetomidine?

  11. Max (RVCZS) says:

    Is being by-catch from poacher snares a common problem for wild dog populations across all their habitat ranges?

  12. Beth (BUVZS) says:

    Similar to Nicole’s question- with regards to the extremely hot weather, are there any broader protocols you have in place to help mitigate this risk, for both your team and the animal you are working with?

  13. Beth (BUVZS) says:

    Is there an average recovery time once the reversal agents have been given? After how long would you be worried that either the drugs had not worked for some reason, or that there was a problem with recovery?

  14. Clio R-R says:

    What would you say are your essentials to carry in your truck/box when working with wild dogs? What were the reasons behind your decisions for medetomidine, butorphanol and azaperone in your anaesthesia cocktail for wild dogs?

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