Wildlife Vet Online Live 13

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Recorded: 5th October 2021

LIVE with: World renown wildlife vet, Dr Peter Rogers BVSc.

Topic: A Look Ahead At Wildlife Vet Online 2021/22

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You can join in with the discussions and ask questions via the below collaborating university society pages:

Primary collaborators:

Nottingham – Nottingham University Veterinary Zoological Society

Edinburgh – Dick Vet Wildlife Conservation Society

London – RVC Zoological Society

Secondary collaborators:

Bristol – Bristol University Veterinary Zoological Society

Liverpool – Liverpool University Veterinary Zoological Society

Glasgow – Glasgow University Veterinary Zoological Society

Worldwide – International Veterinary Students Association – Wild & Exotic Animals Community

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18 responses to “Wildlife Vet Online Live 13”

  1. Roger says:

    Post your questions right here before, during or after our livestream and we will aim to answer them!

  2. Beth (BUVZS) says:

    I know that a lot of our members are really keen to do some work experience/ EMS out in South Africa, could you tell us a bit more about what opportunities there are to get out to SA with TEP, and how the Wildlife Vet Online modules can help prepare us for that?

  3. Beth (BUVZS) says:

    In what area of wildlife veterinary medicine is further research/ advancements needed most?

    Which species that you work with are the most poorly understood? Which would you like to learn more about?

  4. Michaela (IVSA) says:

    Asked by Karina from IVSA Wild & Exotics Community:

    What advice would you give to future vets trying to build a bond or trust with wild animals? Not so much for a long term friendship but more so that they don’t feel threatened by you?

  5. Michaela (IVSA) says:

    Asked by Karina from IVSA:

    What non-vet related skills you would recommend for future wildlife vets to get into in order to do similar work that The Expedition Project does?

  6. Orla (LUVZS) says:

    Did you do any further degrees/ courses to specialise in wildlife and how long did it take you to feel confident as a wildlife vet?

  7. Orla (LUVZS) says:

    Do you work with many reptiles and if so what species?

  8. Orla (LUVZS) says:

    I can imagine working with wildlife is quite dangerous. Have you ever had any bad injuries and did it make you more fearful or cautious?

  9. Max (RVCZS) says:

    What were some of the biggest lessons you learned early in your career as a wildlife veterinarian?

  10. Emily (DVWCS) says:

    What species which you work with has had the best success story in terms of conservation efforts from the vet community and the public in South Africa? Which species is still in dire need of help?

  11. Emily (DVWCZS) says:

    What advice would you give to current veterinary students for breaking into the wildlife field?

  12. Max (RVCZS) says:

    Can the Wildlife Vet Online modules benefit those focusing on wildlife in other areas of the world? How so?

  13. Max (RVCZS) says:

    What are some of the ways the field of wildlife medicine has changed from when you first started? Do you have any speculation to where it may advance?

  14. Michaela (IVSA) says:

    If you had to give advice to a soon to be new grad, what tips would you recommend to best enter the path to wildlife medicine? Ie, internships/residencies vs. more experiential options (TEP and externships)

  15. Yashaswini (RVCZS) says:

    How did you develop your communication skills in order to run such a large animal hospital?

  16. Michaela (IVSA) says:

    From Karina (IVSA):

    What is the most interesting or worst case which you’ve come across while being a wildlife vet?

  17. Nadia (BUVZS) says:

    Throughout your career, when you came across species that you hadn’t worked as much with, how did you approach treating them?

  18. Cassandra (GUVZS) says:

    How do you think wildlife veterinarians around the globe can collaborate better to bring more international attention to the urgency of carrying out wildlife/ecosystem conservation works around the world?

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