Exploring the Western Cape with CapeNature


As custodians of the province’s natural environment, CapeNature is tasked with nature conservation and awareness, preserving biodiversity, and providing facilities for education, research and training.

Through a variety of targeted programmes and projects, CapeNature staff strive to conserve the province’s natural heritage to ensure a sustainable future.

Besides nurturing nature, championing our unique ecosystems (such as the Cape Floristic Region), and educating visitors and local communities about how to protect our natural environment, CapeNature offers memorable, authentic eco-tourism experiences to local and international visitors. These vary from adrenaline-filled pursuits such as bouldering, kloofing and kayaking to more leisurely activities like hiking, fishing and whale watching.

CapeNature is a government entity responsible for managing and maintaining 31 nature reserve complexes comprising 112 nature reserves, of which 105 are terrestrial and six are marine protected areas, totalling 828 506 ha in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. CapeNature offers a variety of eco-tourism products at 25 of its nature reserves.

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