Endangered Wildlife Trust Celebrates 50 Years

It has been 50 years of the Endangered Wildlife Trust, South Africa’s most prominent and successful conservation organisation. Now it is time to celebrate their successes and showcase what is to come!

50 Years of Conservation

In 1973, one man had a dream and a talent. He brought animals to life on canvas, but he was determined they also remain in the wild, not only as inspiration but for their roles in upholding the ecosystems on which we depend.

What started as one man’s dream has grown into an unconquerable force in the fight against extinction. Half a century after it was founded, the Endangered Wildlife Trust has achieved immeasurable gains for wildlife conservation. Each staff member, partner, and supporter who has been a part of our journey leaves a legacy of life exponential in impact and reach – each bringing about conservation impact and sowing seeds of inspiration and passion that grow and spread, cultivating conservation leaders, actors, influencers, and changemakers.

Conservation is about our natural heritage, our natural resources, our culture, and our livelihoods. It’s about food and water, and air. It’s about our hearts and souls, being grounded to our one Earth, being passionate and compassionate, and recognising the common good and being fair and just. That is the true essence of who we are as an organisation – we fight not only for species and their habitats but for the fundamental human right to an environment that is not harmful to one’s health and well-being. For us, conserving the planet, its natural assets, and all who live on it is a calling, a privilege, and a way of life, and we are proud to share it with you. The real power for change lies within each of us – in our everyday engagements with people who learn from us, teach us, and join us in our timeless campaign to protect forever, together.

Thank you for playing a critical role in achieving immense and lasting impacts for conservation, and we hope you will stay on board and help us do even more in the 50 years to come. Read more here.

EWT Golf Day Auction

In the lead up to the Endangered Wildlife Trust Golf Day Auctions, we are offering you the opportunity to bid on some fantastic sponsored items.


Help us conserve threatened species and ecosystems in southern and East Africa to the benefit of all by being as generous as you can. Read more about the EWT’s work here.

Join us on the day

Find out more about the EWT events and register for the in-person Golf Days HERE or contact [email protected].

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Live auction items are only available for bidding at live (in-person) events however you can browse what is available HERE. Live items are not included in our online bidding catalogue. 

Register for the in-person May 2024 Golf Days here. Following the scheduled event, they may be available for online bidding after the in-person ‘live’ event if their reserve price is not met.

Browse live auction items HERE (24th May) and HERE (31st May). 

Browse and Bid on Online Auction Items

Online auction items are available for bidding once bidding opens. Online items are not available for live (in-person) bidding at any related scheduled events. Browse and bid HERE.

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Online Raffle

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Live Stream – Auction Introduction and Preview

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