2012 Weekly Summary #6: 12 Feb 2012 – Garies to Hondeklipbaai


Week 6 coming up…

6th Feb 2012

Day 37:

Garies to Klipfontein

7th Feb 2012

Day 38:


Arrived at the beautiful Agama Tented Camp and felt relaxed from the moment we arrived. Evas was on hand for anything we needed and constantly presented us with flasks of hot water for tea and coffee throughout the day. Another scorcher of a day so enjoyed a refreshing swim in their lovely pool in the afternoon.

8th Feb 2012

Day 39:


A day of catching up on blogs, video cams and website admin before an exhilarating night game drive with owner and son. Had a few car troubles (i.e. the 4X4 was struggling to go up hills) so a lot of joyriding was in order. Made for a very different but nevertheless a really fun experience. Managed to spot a few animals, nothing too exciting, but the whole experience was great.

9th Feb 2012

Day 40:


Arrived in the afternoon and made our way to X coffee shop. The Namibian owners kindly offered to host us that night in one of their cottages –a sweet little place with all the amenities you’d need for a night’s stay.

10th Feb 2012

Day 41:


Ventured to the local school amongst the screaming and shouting of an inter-school sports day. Never have I witnessed people so excited about something, let alone a sports day. Was lovely to see the community all coming together –they had really made a day of it. They had music pumping and the braai going; it definitely wasn’t your average sports day, that’s for sure. Managed to prize a few spectators away for quick chats and got us thinking it would be a great place for a sports development programme to be set up. The locals would benefit from it hugely.

11th Feb 2012

Day 42:

Kamieskroon to Hondeklipbaai

We were very pleased to see the sea come into the distance after quite a long stint in the boiling weather. Hondeklipbaai definitely surpassed our expectations. At first glance, a run-down-looking little place but when you ventured deeper, you realised it had a certain charm about it and was generally a very friendly and fun place to be. The first night we spent at Skulpieskraal, another tented camp run by Rob & Dawn, a really lovely couple who also own the restaurant next door. We made a new friend pretty much instantly, a little Jack Russell who we called Audrey! Audrey was not in our good books however as night fell and she insisted on sitting outside our tent and barking her little head off all night. 5th

12th Feb 2012

Day 43:


Maddy spent the morning with Rob on a photography course which proved to be very successful and she learnt a lot. Rog went off into town and checked out the local community centre which decidedly needed a lot of work to it. It seems such a shame to have an establishment that not a lot of towns are lucky enough to have yet it becomes neglected and not utilised to its advantage.

The next night we stayed at Palace Flophouse, run again by a lovely warm couple who gave us invaluable advice on the area and who to talk to etc. That evening we ate delicious burgers cooked by Annemarie and enjoyed the view of the sun slowly melting into the ocean.

…of the week:

  • Towns visited this week –Garies, Klipfontein, Kamieskroon, Hondeklipbaai
  • Accommodation sponsored this week –Sophia Guesthouse, Agama Tented Camp, X, Skulpieskraal, Palace Flophouse
  • Food sponsored this week – Agama Tented Camp, Die Rooi Spinnekop
  • Highlight of the week –The tranquillity and beauty of Agama
  • Lowlight of the week – Garies –DON’T GO THERE
  • Quote of the week – ‘I am your host for this evening, game ranger Maddy Savitt’
  • Meal of the week – Burgers at Die Rooi Spinnekop
  • Comedy moment of the week – Night game joy ride in Agama reserve

See you in a week…

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