2012 Weekly Summary #7: 19 Feb 2012 – Hondeklipbaai to Komagaas


Week 7 coming up…

13th Feb 2012

Day 44:

Honedeklipbaai to Komagaas (via Koingnaas, Kleinzee)

Made our longest journey yet of the trip. 4 hours overall of ungraded gravel road really took it out of poor Chris, our 4X4. He had to have one of his side panels amputated along the way but don’t worry, he was a very brave boy. The map and directions to Naries were slightly deceiving and what we thought would be a mere half an hour’s drive from Koingnaas turned out to be a hell of a lot longer. That said, we decided we would have to skip out on staying in Koingnaas and Kleinzee as we didn’t think poor Chris could take much more. Arrived at the Naries Namakwa retreat and were met by the lovely manager who gave us a much-needed cup of tea. She then took us the 3-minute drive up into the mountains to our ‘suite’. Suite it definitely was!

14th Feb 2012

Day 38:

Komagaas to Springbok

Reluctantly left Naries and drove the short distance to Springbok. We were pleasantly surprised with this place we had envisioned to be a rather industrialized town. What we found however was a sweet little place nestled between vast mountains. Checked into Elkoweru guesthouse and a room polar opposite to our room at Naries. Rog standing up in our room could touch his head on the ceiling! What is more, it was about a thousand degrees in the room and we didn’t realise we had an air conditioning unit until our faces were starting to melt off! The owner was very friendly however and was kind enough to have us for 2 nights. Being Valentine’s Day and all, we headed out into town and had a delicious steak dinner at Teuren Steakhouse, washed down with 1 too many rum and diet cokes.

15th Feb 2012

Day 45:


Chris went to the hospital today and not only got his side panel fixed but also had a lovely long bath –the end result being a gleaming and happy little fellow.  While Rog was there holding his hand, Maddy stayed back at Elkoweru and undertook the mammoth task of sorting out the itinerary which had become a little haywire with the recent changes to the route. 2 hours later and she finally had a more concise journey for us to take as well as the next week of accommodation all sorted.

Had a lovely sponsored dinner at Titbits –yummy lamb and vegetables and pizza. Followed by another night in the oven.

16th Feb 2012

Day 46:


Rog took Chris to the doctor again, this time to get his 4X4 gear fixed. I think we can safely say he is all better now, thank god. We’ve been worried about him.

Moved on to Mountain View B&B as it was Maddy’s birthday on the 17th and she wanted a decent night’s sleep before the day.

17th Feb 2012

Day 47:

Springbok to Okiep


18th Feb 2012

Day 48:


19th Feb 2012

Day 49:

Okiep to Steinkopf

…of the week:

  • Towns visited this week –Hondeklipbaai, Komagaas, Koingnaas, Kleinzee, Springbok, Okiep, Steinkopf
  • Accommodation sponsored this week –Naries Namakwa Retreat, Olkoweru Guesthouse, Okiep Country Hotel
  • Food sponsored this week – Teuren Steakhouse, Titbits Restaurant
  • Highlight of the week –Naries Retreat
  • Lowlight of the week – The heat in our room in Springbok
  • Quote of the week –
  • Meal of the week –
  • Comedy moment of the week –

See you in a week…

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