2012 Weekly Summary #13: 1 Apr 2012 – Thabazimbi to Marken


Week 13…another month comes to an end

26th Mar 2012

Day 86


In the morning we visited the predator centre and were informed by Emma about the history and future of the centre, a place that originated for the rehabilitation of wild animals but has now become a tourist spot and a breeding centre. In the afternoon we spent a few hours at Thabang Children’s Project which homes children from the ages of 1-18 years old. They are doing a fantastic job and it was nice to be able to share some tips with them, for example, the idea of a ‘swap shop’ to get the communities involved.

27th Mar 2012

Day 87

Thabazimbi to Lephalale

Moved on to the former ‘Ellisras’, another mining town, however, whose roots are in hunting. We checked into Sandpatry’s Guesthouse on the western side of Lephalale. We were kindly sponsored a meal at the Spur in town for lunch and then went for a nice dinner at the Keg and Kudu in town and had an interesting chat with manager Daleen.

28th Mar 2012

Day 88


In the morning we met with Ria from the local newspaper who interviewed us during the first few months of TEP. After explaining what we are all about it was time for some Lephalale reconnaissance-photos, filming and interviewing. Before leaving for Tom Burke, we were invited to a snake and spider rehabilitation talk that was being given by Marius. It was very informative however didn’t succeed in alleviating our fear of animals.

29th Mar 2012

Day 89

Lephalale to Tom Burke

Made our way to the elusive Tom Burke (no signposts the whole journey) and to the gorgeous Kokomori Birders Lodge. Set on the banks of a lake, it is a very quaint spot and a lovely place to get away to. That said, the spider and snake talk from earlier had done nothing but to heighten our senses and we had a sleepless night, hallucinating that snakes were slithering into our beds and spiders were landing on our heads.

30th Mar 2012

Day 90

Tom Burke to Visgat

Had another gruelling 4 hours of visa hell. Crossed over the border into Botswana but to no avail-we were not granted the extension on Maddy’s visa. The kind official at the border post extended it for a month to allow us to apply for the full extension and we rushed to Lephalale Home Affairs in order to fill in the forms before closing time on Friday afternoon. That done, a sigh of relief. Absolutely shattered, we drove the short distance to Mama Tau, a lovely tented camp with views to die for.

31st Mar 2012

Day 91


We went on a lion drive this morning and I have to be totally honest about it, it didn’t leave me feeling very happy. The animals don’t deserve to be cooped up and there simply for breeding so that more people can gawp at them in zoos across the world. Although they are not badly treated, it didn’t leave a very good taste in my mouth. Anyway, we went back to the camp and enjoyed the beautiful sounds and sights that Mama Tau had to offer

1st Apr 2012

Day 92

We woke up early and drove to Bateleur tented camp, a very different set-up to Mama Tau but equally as beautiful. We had a great talk with the owner about the camp and the surrounding environment and it wasn’t long before we were being taken out on a game drive and had been organised a trip for the following day to see the Bushman paintings. That night we were treated to an absolutely delicious meal with a couple of other guests.

…of the week:

  • Towns visited this week – Thabazimbi, Lephalale, Tom Burke, Visgat
  • Accommodation sponsored this week –Deo Valente, The Place, Sandpatrys, Kokomori, Mama Tau
  • Food sponsored this week – Deo Valente, Spur Thabazimbi, Spur Lephalale, Keg and Kudu, Mama Tau
  • Highlight of the week – Reptile and spider relocation in Lephalale
  • Lowlight of the week – Unsuccessful visa extension appeal at the Botswana border post
  • Accommodation of the week – Deo Valente
  • Meal of the week – Bateleur Safari Camp

See you in a week…

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